On a trip to Onzonilla

Onzonilla is not a satellite of León, but much more. Its proximity to the capital of Leon favors the fact that the municipality has grown as an area of ​​residential expansion and a benchmark for industrial infrastructure, as well as a railway node, but with an eye toward defining urban planning and a list of services that enriches the essence of this territory, part of that Brotherhood of the Infantado that fought for the rights of the weakest peoples against the engulfment of the cities.

The municipality of Onzonilla does not renounce this philosophy, in which are grouped, in addition to the town of reference, Antimio de Abajo, Sotico, Torneros del Bernesga, Vilecha and Viloria de la Jurisdicción. The half dozen towns preserve their urban vitality, without losing their rural character, as shown throughout the year, but with special incidence in summer. The summer season is favorable for the promotion of cultural initiatives such as the 5th Amateur Theater Festival which, throughout this weekend, will set up its stage in the middle of the street, in front of the town hall, with works by four national companies: Kumen of Asturias, Arcón de Olid of Valladolid, Allegro of Vigo and the Friends of the Theater Cultural Association of Castellón.

The poster is presented as a selection among the more than fifty amateur theater companies from all over Spain that have offered themselves, as Diana García, Councilor for Culture, reviews, who stresses the difficulty of the organizing committee in choosing given “the quality of the proposals and quantity.

The prologue was put on yesterday by Kumen Teatro, in charge of the closing of the last edition and invited this time to open it with the play La Nona: “a story, a metaphor of destruction and a play of humor with a tragic ending”, as they explain from the consistory.

The turn on stage is taken today by Teatro Arcón de Olid. The Valladolid amateur company faces the challenge of representing El Lindo Don Diego, a comedy of entanglements from the 17th century, signed by Agustín Moreto, which they recover with a careful staging for the public that meets at the festival, sponsored by the Diputación Provincial of León and the Leonese Institute of Culture (ILC).

The last two dates go from the classic to the most modern comedy. On Saturday, Allegro Teatro will perform on Calle de Onzonilla, sheltered from the town hall, to bring to life the Year 0 before Christ. The Galicians will offer the festival’s public their “award-winning crazy montage, with fun dialogues and absurd humour”, as explained by the municipal government team, which will take advantage of this day to, with the intention of “reaching all audiences”, program a storytelling for the little ones, Cuentos de mi Coco, guided by the Leonese writer Emma S. Varela.

The Sunday closing will be for the Friends of the Theater of Castellón. The Levantine company will perform Un mes tú, un mes yo: “a popular show that speaks with humor about the problems that we have in all families”, as described by García, who summarizes that “one of the main objectives of the festival is to bring theatrical culture closer to the neighbors and offer the possibility of attending a unique show at the door of the house».

But summer does not end here in the towns of the municipality of Onzonilla. The program continues and offers an outstanding appointment in the cultural week of Vilecha, from September 29 to 4, in which there will be workshops, talks, a puzzle contest, exhibitions, concerts, street performances, theater and a banner parade.

The programming also notes four other important dates in the summer calendar scheduled from the City Council. On the 11th there will be a clown show, in the Parque del Lavadero, in Torneros del Bernesga; on the 18th, circus in Onzonilla, starting at 8:00 p.m., in Plaza Lagarón; on the 23rd, magic in Sotico, in the town house; and on August 29 and 31, in Viloria de la Jurisdicción and Antimio de Abajo, respectively, an accordion concert with the television duo of Miguel and Isma.

The sum of cultural and leisure initiatives seeks to value the municipality. Beyond its importance as the basic nucleus of the industrial estate, it grows close to the capital of León. So close that it looks like Leon. But, without losing the differential identity of Onzonilla.

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