On Netflix: three series to get excited as a family this weekend

With a large number of productions in its catalog, Netflix” target=”_blank”> Netflix continues to be the most popular and successful platform worldwide. In this way, beating its main competitors such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.

Netflix continues to release series and movies that become instant hits like The Sandman, Strange things and the Netflix-premiere-the-perfect-documentary-for-cat-lovers-20220825-0001.html” target=”_blank”>Ideal documentary for cat lovers: In the mind of a cat.

In this way, the leading streaming platform seeks to retain subscribers, despite the emergence of Netflix-three-alternatives-to-watch-movies-for-free-20220823-0003.html” target=”_blank”>free alternatives to Netflix to watch series and movies.

For this reason, with the recent release of lost ollieNetflix seeks to win the hearts of the families that will be moved to tears with this and other family productions in their catalog.

Series to get excited as a family

Netflix bets heavily with its family and children’s content. To the point that this new miniseries, which premiered on August 24, has already been trend in social networks by exciting young people and adults. This is Lost Ollie, created by the director of Spider-Man: a new universe and that is added to other great family productions that are a success on the platform.

lost ollie

lost ollie is the new animated series by Peter Ramsey, renowned director of works such as The origin of the guardians Y Spider-Man: a new universe. this new miniseries of only 4 chapters Between 40 and 50 minutes long, it is the ideal option to enjoy this weekend with the family.

Lost Ollie is about a cute stuffed rabbit looking to reunite with its owner. Along this journey, he will make some friends and meet other human beings, but he will have to navigate between the evil and goodness of the world to get his family back.

The Cuphead Show!

the cuphead show is a series based on the popular 2017 video game. After the success of its playable version, Netflix bought the rights to make a series that currently has two seasons.

The Cuphead Show is about the adventures and misadventures of two crazy characters: the impulsive cup head and his careful but easily influenced brother, mugman.


Hilda, a brave girl with blue hair, travels from a desert home to a city full of new friends and curious creatures.. This series based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Luke Pearson

That is the official synopsis of this touching series that has 13 episodes in each of its two seasons. a great option to watch with family this weekenda series that will stimulate the little ones and will surely excite all the members of the household, due to its particular reflections on friendship.

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