On vacation in Alicante? Some gastronomic clues for classics and adventurers

No, don’t order paella. Alicante is not the place to eat the Valencian canonical recipe. If they offer it to you, especially if it’s from a colorful photographic panel, don’t think about it: run away. Rice yes, of course. But not only that. Here we offer you an updated gastronomic guide to the capital of Alicante, which in recent years has undergone a very interesting renovation, although some of the classics -that’s why they are so- continue to make war. To make things easier, we will sort it by categories.

Terraces for a quiet beer.

SOHO (Plaza de Calvo Sotelo): Breakfast, aperitif and drinks. Ideal for a break between shopping, as it is located in front of the very commercial Avenida de Maisonnave.

EL MIRADOR (Virgen del Socorro): Not that the bar has anything special, but its terrace is in a privileged viewpoint over El Postiguet beach.

SOHO PARC (Portal de Elche): This tree-lined square that borders the Rambla was the limit of the old city.

CANALLA (Gabriel Miró Square): The most beautiful and romantic square. Also known as Plaza de Correos, because here is the headquarters of the postal company. Next to Calle Castaños, a lively pedestrian street full of bars and restaurants. For lunch or dinner, the tailor shop Is another option.

NORAY (Avenida Conde de Vallellano): Terrace over the waters of the port on the coastal pier, next to the pier for the ferries to the island of Tabarca, where in times -perhaps when you were a child- the old Club de Regattas.

The new Dársena has a large terrace with views of the port.


Where to socialize with the aborigines:

CALLE CASTAÑOS: Central pedestrian street, the nerve center of the “afternoon”. Here is the Nou Manolinthe most classic restaurant in Alicante, and the bar Nickwhere they boast of serving the best Gin-Tonic.

EL PORTAL (Calle Bilbao, 2): Some enthusiastic chroniclers described it as the best bar in Spain. We can’t vouch for it, we haven’t tried them all. But they serve good drinks and you can eat at any time. Sophisticated decor and atmosphere, don’t even think of showing up in flip flops.

Some enthusiastic chronicler came to describe ‘El Portal’ as the best bar in Spain. We can’t vouch for it, we haven’t tried them all

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: The streets of the old town are full of bars, pubs and restaurants. A mix of young locals and tourists.

LA MARINA DEPORTIVA: Between the beach and the sports marina, in front of the Meliá hotel, an area of ​​restaurants and bars that open until very late. At the beginning is the Casino and at the bottom you will find Marmarellanightclub the trendy beach-club.

PLAYA DE SAN JUAN: The local bourgeoisie travels in summer to fraternize with vacationers from central and northern Spain. Parents spend money at the urbanization bar -that’s what they pay for- and try the restaurants suggested by guides like this one -that’s what we do it for-, while the young people try their luck in the surroundings of the expositionor move to Magmadisco and/or parking, according to budget.

Dabiz Muñoz was seen a few days ago at his Food-Truck in Alicante: GoXo.

Dabiz Muñoz was seen a few days ago at his Food-Truck in Alicante: GoXo.


Restaurants with a view:

LA ERETA (La Ereta Park): Spectacular view, good cuisine, on Mount Benacantil. You have to go by car or walk a good distance from the old town, or walk down from the castle. It is not for weirdos -signature menu- nor for those who choose Alicante because it is cheap (85 euros).

CASA JULIO (Avenida de Niza): Great rice on the beachfront of San Juan Beach. Booking is essential, but flip-flops are not a problem here, you almost stepped on the sand.

SANTI: The best restaurant in the Marina Deportiva. Excellent view of the port, the city and the Castle of Santa Bárbara. You can walk from downtown hotels.

Arrocerías (here there would be debate, but better another day)

DÁRSENA: A classic. Wide variety of rice dishes, the most typical: A Banda and Magro and vegetables. He has just opened a new place in the Poniente Pier, next to Panoramis, with the terrace that we missed in his previous place.

LA MAR DE ARROZ: In the fishing dock, a quite hidden place, 5 minutes by car from the center. You have to book. In the same area is The Varadero Cornerwhere the port workers get lukewarm seafood when they do a good deal, and a highly recommended Peruvian-Mediterranean: Ñora and Ají.

The fishing dock, a rather hidden place, has a good offer: ‘La Mar de Arroz’, ‘El Rincon del Varadero’, ‘Ñora y Ají’

L’ARRUZ (35 Portugal Street). It has a good menu of the day and an interesting variety of rice dishes that -that’s why we include it- can be ordered to show off their cooking when the family returns from the beach.

RACÓ DEL PLA (Doctor Nieto 42). Outside the “tourist” circuit, it is worth a visit. A classic.

THE SANDWICH (Isabel La Católica 22). Apply the previous comment.

TK Arabesco, beautiful decoration and splendid Arabic food on Calle Segura.

TK Arabesco, beautiful decoration and splendid Arabic food on Calle Segura.


Exotic restaurants:

TK ARABESCO (Morocco) (Calle Segura 7): Nice restaurant and tea shop. Very good Maghreb cuisine. two minutes from the Plaza de Luceros.

DAIKICHI (Japan) (Calle Segura 1): Small and good quality, sushi, soups… 30 seconds closer to Plaza de Luceros than the previous one.

MISH MISH (Lebanon) (Plaza de San Cristóbal 8): Lebanese restaurant in a lively square in the old town. Good value for money. Teahouse.

NATSU RAMEN (Asian) (Reyes Católicos 57): It must be very good, because there is always a queue in the street. That’s why we haven’t tested it. Go and tell us.

Casa Mia: fantastic Italian, don’t expect to see the menu, listen to the owner, Andrea

Our favorite Italian:

MY HOUSE (Juan de Herrera Street 38). Fantastic. Don’t expect to see the letter. Listen to the owner, Andrea, a friendly Italian from Modena. What he recommends will be great and you may never have eaten it before. There’s others? Of course. Top? Can. But this is our guide.

Meats by the beach:

THE TRUNKS (Avenida Albufereta 96). Excellent raw material, meat and Argentine dumplings, beautiful terrace on the Albufereta beach and excellent treatment. They are doing so well that they now have another one, Los Troncos Playa, on San Juan beach.


SENTO (Calle Gerona 1): This traditional bar was so successful that it has opened several branches in the city. Montaditos (small sandwiches) are the typical tapas of Alicante. And one would say that a little bit of innovation is missing, not in this particular establishment, which has more variety than most, but in general in the assembled world.

EL CANTÓ (CalleGermany 26): Small bar restaurant very popular in the city. It is usually full. No surprises: You have dinner with your college kid the same way you had dinner with your high school sweetheart.

SOCAIRE (Calle Rafael Terol 26): For tapas or dinner. It has a terrace on a pedestrian street. A good potato omelette in Alicante is not frequent, but it is possible.

IBÉRICOS (Plaza Luceros 12): Great Iberian ham, it is a bar-restaurant with a terrace located in the very popular Plaza de Luceros.

L'Arruz, on Portugal street, offers the possibility of taking home a piece of rice.

L’Arruz, on Portugal street, offers the possibility of taking home a piece of rice.


News to boast of being up to date:

WASAMOLE (José Gutiérrez Petén Street 5). Mexican-Asian-Alicante… an original fusion at a very good price.

KOINË BISTRÓ (45 Bazán Street). Open in 2022. Great find. Very good chef. We liked everything we tried a lot… although we still have to try the rice dishes.

LA BOYA (in front of La Albufereta beach). They just opened and every night there is a queue, because they do not accept reservations. People talk very well about their tapas, but we are not to be expected.

VILLA BANDIDA (Almadraba beach). Another recent opening, in this case, an “imported” business from Xàbia. We had dinner once and, although they made us wait despite having a reservation (error to be corrected), everything was tasty and reasonably priced. But the terrace on a small cove, 10 meters from the water, with an incomparable view of the bay and the horizon of Alicante, can compete with any of the Mediterranean. Spectacular.

Villa Bandida, on Almadraba beach): Another recent opening, in this case, an “imported” business from Xàbia, in a spectacular setting and view

Apparent menus of the day:

Not everything is going to be spending and spending, curves are coming. Here are some menu proposals in good-looking places.

SAONA (Avenida Alfonso X el Sabio, 9): Nice and spacious premises belonging to a group that offers excellent value for money wherever it goes.

MONUMENTAL (Reyes Católicos 26): It is also spacious and well decorated. It has a menu and an interesting menu of the day, at least on weekdays.

HIMALAYA (poeta Vila y Blanco 4): A good Asian restaurant on the ground floor of the Riscal Building, the tallest skyscraper in the city, where there used to be a cafeteria, with a varied menu and good prices.

During the month of August, hamburgers at 15.5 euros!, but with the signature of Dabiz Muñoz, next to the Corte Inglés de Churruca

Quality Burgers:

GOXO (food truck next to El Corte Inglés on Churruca street): Hamburgers at 15.5 euros!, but with the signature of Dabiz Muñoz (who cooked one for us in person, don’t miss it). The food-truck of the famous chef will remain at least in August. We tried both burgers (with noodles and fried rice), and we loved them.

3BK (San Fernando 18): The usual Tribeca, with its German sausage and gourmet hamburgers and good salads and healthy products. It belongs to the Monastrell de Maria José San Román group, to which Taberna del Gourmet and La Vaquería also belong.

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