Our properties are all we have in our bags

—What is a digital nomad?

—”It is a person who is not living in the same place all the time, who is on the move. It may be a person who travels every week or it may be that he or she spends a few months in one place and at the same time is working using the internet “.

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The couple said that there are three types of digital nomadism. On the one hand, those who work freelance, such as designers, programmers, among others. Then come those who work remotely, for a company, like Diego. “It allows you to move and work from anywhere in the world, depending on the job you will have to be more fixed with a particular schedule,” said the young man who has been working for a company in the United States for eight years.

Úrsula, on the other hand, is dedicated to content development, photo editing and the blog. This last point makes them fall into the third group, entrepreneurs but with their own digital business.

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Before daring to travel the world, the Cordoban was in a digital marketing agency, while the native of Neuquén was in a technology startup also in that city. “We made some sporadic trips when we had vacations from work because the two were in a dependency and office relationship,” Braschi explained.

His first trips were within Argentina, and later they went to Chile and Brazil. But it was Australia that was his great destination and the first time that Diego ended up working remotely. The couple crossed the ocean six years ago and stayed in that country for a while thanks to the working holiday, a visa that allows them to work and travel. It was with this project that they became true digital nomads.

Úrsula quit her job in Córdoba and started working at a marketing agency in Sydney. “We started with the blog at the same time when everyone had their job, 100% hobby to show and tell what we were doing and then we slowly professionalized it a little more and we began to think of it as a passion turned into a business,” said the young man.

When asked if everyone can undertake this digital nomad lifestyle, Diego indicated: “Yes, always depending on what one is willing to do, the passion one has. I have an acquaintance who is an Argentine lawyer and works for a law firm in Spain and she travels and works, she has more flexible hours. The actions that you can carry out while being remote are specific, so it is to balance what one has in mind for his professional career with what one is really willing to sacrifice in order to be able to work more remotely and travel at the same time”.

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In this regard, Úrsula added: “I don’t know if all professions can become digital nomads, but many can.” He gave the example of a hairdresser, who can perhaps create a hairdressing YouTube channel, create courses, online content. “But you’re not going to be a digital nomad by cutting your hair in different places,” he said.

As for the places that blew his mind the most but that are little known, Diego highlighted Slovenia: “It is a country that is very well positioned, it has a lot of nature, a lot of things to do and the truth is that yes, it surprised us in a lot of aspects”.

Italy is another country that they highlighted and that they considered has everything. It is small, has many towns and has a great culture.

“We don’t have our own house in Argentina, but we do use my mother’s house in Córdoba as a base, which is like our place where we usually return to spend the holidays with family and be with friends. But in reality we don’t have a car, no we have a house, our properties are all we have in our suitcases,” said Úrsula. “There are two suitcases, each one of about 23 kg and then a small suitcase with the technology part and that’s it,” explained Diego.

“When we traveled to Australia we had gone to live together about six months ago and we had bought furniture, everything, because we thought that we were not going to do this anymore and when we decided to do the Australian thing directly we sold everything,” Diego announced and said that Some things ended up being given away. “We are traveling all year round, we have been traveling the world for six years now,” said the young man.

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This lifestyle basically forces them to travel with just what they are wearing. “One like that is really very minimalist and selective because he knows that what he buys today has to fit in the suitcase. Each thing we buy is equivalent to leaving something,” said Úrsula.

Being a digital nomad also forces them to adapt to very strange work schedules. Nowadays, in Indonesia, they work from 18 to 2. In addition, they must “sacrifice” their friends: “You arrive at a place, you form a group and you already know that you are going to the next place.”

After their long stay in Indonesia they will return to Argentina for the holidays and in 2023 they wish to continue touring Latin America.

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