Pablo Alarcón revealed what saved him when Triple A went to look for him at his house

The actor reviewed a very important moment in his life. “The guy who came to kill me asked for my autograph,” he recalled.

Pablo Alarcón is actually Rodolfo Marabotto. The first is his stage name. The rest, the one that is printed in his document. This was a fundamental factor for save his life the distant night of the ’70s in which members of the so-called “Triple A” went to look for him at his house, according to his account, to kill him.

“Before Videla’s military coup, they come to my house looking for me. The Triple A, a group that had formed the Peronist government. Me I had made a film against violence and they were looking for my real name. My name is not Alarcón, my document says Marabotto”, he began to tell his story in “PH: We can talk”.

It was when Andy Kusnetzoff, host of the program that is broadcast on phoneinvited the guests who “thought they did not live to tell the tale”, in reference to a situation in which their lives were hypothetically compromised, come to the “Meeting Point”.

“I go out with my wife, Monica Jouvet, unfortunately deceased, and I see two Ford Falcons stop at the door and I said ‘they come to look for me, let’s go in’. Two minutes later five guys entered, they put me against the wall, they destroyed my house looking for the film, they put their paws on my back and my wife, ”she recalled.

And the story continued: “They were all armed and (he thought) ‘here they kill me, everything ends here’. We looked at each other, one of them kicks me, makes me stand against the wall and (says) ‘what’s your name? I gave him my stage name, Pablo Alarcón. The guy looks at me and says ‘aren’t you the one who works on the 9 soap opera?’”.

“’Uh by God, I was wrong, I can’t do anything to you, who are my wife’s idol, from the soap opera at three in the afternoon. And you are not the daughter of the fat one? Uh sorry, sign me an autograph’. The guy who came to kill me, asked me for an autograph. They gave me a kiss on the cheek and left,” she noted.

“Here they kill me, here everything ends.” It is what Pablo Alarcón thought when Triple A went to look for him at his house.

After that dramatic moment, Alarcón indicated that “after five or six days” he left the country with what was then his wife. “I went to Italy, where I did everything,” said the actor, for example, Gift from Heaven, Little Women and High Comedy.

“One day we ran out of money and I go to Piazza Navona. And one person met me. I told him that he was out of work and didn’t have a mango. He told me to go to the plaza to sell and I started making handicrafts. Later I realized that the business was buying and selling, and I became one of the best merchants in Piazza Navona”, he recalled.

Luciano Pereyra, another of the guests of the night, compared Alarcón’s situation with that of Horacio Guaraní. “It is similar to the stories that Horacio Guaraní told me about his exile. He was eating one day and they threw a bomb at him, already at the time of the dictatorship. He had the scars from the pellets. Much of his music is born in exile, in Spain”, he stated.

Victoria Onetto and the murder of her father: “It was State terrorism”

Actress Victoria Onetto, also present in the studio along with her colleague Micaela Vázquez and influencer Markito Navaja, told her dramatic family story, crossed by the murder of her father and her family’s exile in childbirth.

My dad was murdered in 1971. He was 23 years old when he was killed in Tigre. It was state terrorism and it was my grandmother who, after the murder of her son, got into politics and gave the first speech of the female branch of what later became Montoneros. Obviously, like any woman who gets involved in politics, she was persecuted and singled out, and she was exiled for many years, in Paris, then in Madrid, ”she said.

And he added: “When they asked me about my father I had to say that he had died in a traffic accident because we didn’t know if the companion who was sitting next to me was Massera’s daughter. When we recovered democracy and I was bigger, I decided to say who I was”.

Victoria Onetto also told her hard family story in "PS: Can we talk?"

Victoria Onetto also told her hard family story in “PH: We Can Talk”

“Now that I am a mother, I say that the worst thing that can happen to you in the universe is that a son or daughter kills you. What we Argentines live did not happen a hundred years ago, it happened recently. Onetto is my mother’s last name, today my old man would be 73 years old, ”she stressed.

Finally, he reflected: “It was a whole generation that today would be the leaders, the militants, the intellectuals, the thinkers, the artists. All those who had ideas that they wanted to point out or criticize were killed in the dictatorship.”


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