Painful statements about why Piqué prefers Clara Chía and not Shakira: “She is a diva and does not integrate”

After the magazine Hello Spain post photos of Gerard Piqué with his new girlfriend Clara Chiaat a wedding, now the reason why the culé player would prefer his new partner over Shakira. was the program Save me who contacted a source very close to the 23-year-old who conquered the Catalan.

laura lakecorrespondent in Barcelona, ​​assured about Shakira: “She wants to go to Miami. The two weeks each month that she doesn’t have children, she can go to Miami without them. One of Piqué’s ideas is to go next year to play in the US and it is then that Shakira will be able to fulfill her dream and that her children will live in Miami. Gerard and Clara They met at the Tuset music bar, La Traviesa, where she was a waitress at the end of 2021 and it was a love. A friend of Clara’s tells me. He was captivated. She told him that she is studying PR and Piqué offers her the scholarship at Kosmos. She it’s integratedin the company where friends of Piqué also work. That is one thing that Shakira has never achieved. She has never connected with the other soccer players’ wives. He likes how he blends in Clara with Pique’s friends. And he takes her as a couple to the wedding on August 20 “.

Meanwhile, Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend face pregnancy rumors shortly after confirming the romance.

Then he added: “They were the first to leave the wedding, at 11 p.m.. He had to go to Donosti the next day on Sunday to play with Barça. They speak very highly of this girl, who had a great time at the wedding without Piqué, who was also having a great time. to Gerard he no longer cares to be seen. Yesterday, Tuesday, they dined at a restaurant in Barcelona. In the Davis Cup he will not give interviews.”

Shakira's mother, Nidia Ripoll, referred to a possible reconciliation with Gerard Piqué
They assure that Shakira is disappointed because Piqué did not fulfill the pact to appear with a new partner after the year of separation.

In short, from Save me they explained that Gerard Piqué prefers his new conquest because Shakira was going diva and did not have a good relationship with his friends in the group or with the other women of his teammates. What they omit is that the reality is that the Colombian chose to focus on her career before being designated as “her woman” her.

Shakira is devastated because Piqué did not fulfill the pact

After the magazine Hola España published on its cover the photo of Gerard Pique and Clara Chia in a wedding, the contrast with the present of the Colombian singer is brutal.

Is that Shakira She has appeared in public totally crestfallen and sad together with her children in Barcelona. The artist enjoyed a day at the beach with Sasha and Milan, but her appearance was total sadness.

It is that from her close circle they assure that she is devastated, especially because with her ex they had agreed that they would not show up with new partners until a year had passed since the day they made their breakup official.

Added to all this are the rumors that indicate that Shakira separated in love and that the real reason for the decision was because the infidelities of the Barcelona player were no longer enough.

Likewise, the one who would have had the last word in this ending would have been him, because his relationship with Clara Chía was becoming more and more formal. However, there are those who say that he prior to “formalizing” with the 23-year-old girl, the Barça striker would have asked his ex-wife to return, and she refused.

It is that Shakira was already fed up with the countless women who passed through the Catalan’s bachelor department and their priority has always been to ensure the well-being of the children they have in common.

Along these lines, they finally agreed with the father of their children that the best thing would be for the heirs to quickly settle in Miami together with the author of “Where are the thieves?”

This “move” aligns with the rumor that says that Shak was never able to adapt to life in Catalonia or to the circle of his now ex-partner.

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