Paloma Angione, the participant who made Marcelo Tinelli cry in Sing with me now

A week agothe participants of Canta conmigo now parade before the jury while generating emotions among its 100 members, in the public and even in Marcelo Tinelli, who this Wednesday could not contain the tears in front of Paloma Angione.

Paloma arrived from Bragado and At just 18 years old, he moved everyone present in the imposing Baires studio with an imposing version of Marinero de Luces by Isabel Pantoja with which she showed as much or more strength than the legendary Spanish singer.

Paloma said that she has been dedicated to music since she was 9 years old since it is something that she likes and motivates her to continue and enjoy life, after losing her father when she was very young.

I thank my parents because they are always at my house, on a Sunday when my mom cleaned the house or when I went back to the center on Fridaysthere was music. In addition, I feel it as my containment, because no matter how I feel, if I am happy, sad, angry or with any other emotion, I have to listen to it to unload, to calm down or celebrate, “explained Paloma.


I am working as a babysitter, and I am also in a choir in my city. I merge singing with my work because I sing to the baby I care for to sleep”, said Paloma, who has Bad Bunny as a musical reference although she also confessed to being a fan of Ricardo Arjona, Franco de Vita, Emilia Mernes, Shakira, Karina, Chano, Calamaro, and Julieta Venegas, among others.

Paloma explained that she does not get carried away by frustration, but that she always “tries until things work out for her. “I try to understand that sometimes everything is not possible out there, as long as you don’t tryIt’s about that, I like to challenge myself and put obstacles in my way, to be able to improve myself and always be better, “he revealed.

My mom has a recording of my dad playing the guitar and singing his favorite song to me, which makes me emotional. and it makes me be in that place where I felt so unique and loved, also when I danced with my sister to the songs of Panam and Floricienta”, added Paloma.


“I always think that, if I had to stay in one place forever, it would be there, with my dad in a hug, with my sister singing a song, with my mom in a mime, or with my grandfather in a laugh. I’m still very happy now even though some people aren’t there physically, but that’s what life is all aboutand I know that they are constantly guiding me, and that they are going to help me on this path of music that I enjoy so much”, the young woman told the production of the cycle.

During his performance, Marcelo Tinelli was very moved when he heard the voice of the young woman, and had to wipe the tears that ran down his cheeks and the same thing happened with the jury Kaori when she sang the tango Naranjo en flor.

I love when a singer punishes”, Cristian Castro told him, while Puma Rodríguez pointed out that “since he entered the stage, he noticed an intense light that illuminated the stage”.

Finally, the participant obtained a resounding score of 97 and was thus in the lead in the weekly competition.

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