Pampita returned from her vacation in Europe and had a passionate reunion in Ezeiza

After spending a few heavenly vacation on the exclusive European beaches, surrounded by friends and family, Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain returned to Argentinarefreshed and ready to resume her work schedule. But, her arrival at the Ezeiza airport did not go unnoticed because her husband, Roberto García Mortitán, was waiting for her with whom starred in a romantic and passionate reunion. “A pure chape”, they wrote from the Instagram account where they shared the material.

weeks ago, the model He traveled to Ibiza, Spain with his children Bautista, Beltrán, Benicio and Anahis brother Guillermo and his partner, his niece Brisa and a group of friends to spend a few days off. Through his social networks, she shared intimacies of his stay in Europe and revealed the great moment they had. But, vacations don’t last forever and there comes a time when you have to return to the routine. Setting foot in the country, she had a romantic welcome.

Mother and daughter enjoyed the beaches of Ibiza together (Photo: Instagram @anagarciamoritan)

With the smile that characterizes her and loaded with several suitcases, the driver of Ethe famous hotel (eltrec) She arrived in Argentina and her husband was waiting anxiously at the arrivals gate.. Seeing each other, they hugged and kissed passionately while the rest of the passengers continued on their way. The Instagram account @chismesdeker uploaded the video of the moment and the model herself replied to it on her social networks. The sequence was set to music with “Isn’t ́t she lovely” by Stevie Wonder, which gave it a more romantic touch.

The passionate reunion between Pampita and Roberto García Moritán

Likewise, the images showed that the model was not the only one who received pampering from the Buenos Aires legislator. Little Ana also had an emotional moment with her father. Roberto took her out of the stroller and filled her with hugs and kisses, happy to see her after so long, especially after her first year, which was fulfilled on July 22 while He was on vacation with his mom and siblings.

Although the businessman could not accompany his family during the trip, they had exchanges on social networks that showed how much they missed each other. True to her style, Pampita did a photo shoot with the turquoise sea in the background, where she posed for the camera with her suits Of summer. Quickly, the post was filled with likes and one of the first to comment was García Moritán.

In addition, regardless of the distance that separated them these days, he also surprised the driver with a gift. During one of her relaxing days in Ibiza, she sent him a big bouquet of white flowers, which was accompanied by a tray of chocolates and a card.

Pampita shared the romantic gift that García Mortián gave her (Photo: Instagram @pampitaoficial)
Pampita shared the romantic gift that García Mortián gave her (Photo: Instagram @pampitaoficial)

Unable to hide her joy at her husband’s gesture, Pampita publicly thanked him through a couple of stories on Instagramwhere he has seven million followers. With her eyes closed and a beaming smile, she posed for the photo holding the gifts and wrote: “Thank you my love! I miss you madly”.

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