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The beloved British series “Peaky Blinders“, of steven knightIt recently wrapped up its final season, but fans of the show still have a lot to look forward to. Knight has been talking for some time about his plans to continue the story with a feature film and, in recent statements, confirmed that this will start filming soon.

Yes, I’m writing it right now, almost finished writing itKnight said in an interview for the program heart breakfast. For six seasons, the television program told the story of a street gang and its leader, the ambitious tommy shelbyas they sought to spread their roots outside of Birmingham. The last installment was a complete success, and all its episodes can be seen on Netflix.

Although the characters of “Peaky Blinders“They are fictional, named after a real gang with the same name. Knight revealed that he plans to shoot the movie in areas where the real-life Peaky Blinders were actually active.”We’re gonna shoot it at Digbeth Studios and on location at Digbeth and Birmingham“, said. “Digbeth and Small Heath is where the Peaky Blinders roamed. Basically, It’s like Peaky’s coming home“.

The series’ fanbase grew slowly but steadily throughout its six years, with many fans discovering the show on Netflix and catching up as the latest seasons premiered. Knight noted that one particularly compelling aspect of making a movie is allowing those fans to finally see “Peaky Blinders” together in a theater.

The creator hopes that the film can bring fans together in theaters.

I’m really looking forward to having a ‘Peaky’ event where people can see it in community“, said the creator of the series. “I mean, the social media community is very strong and people talk to each other. But being together physically will be really interesting.“.

fans of “Peaky Blinders“They’re not the only ones eager to see what Knight came up with for a movie. Cillian Murphywho plays Thomas Shelby on the show, recently said he has no idea what the movie entails, but hopes to be involved: “I’d be as excited as anyone to read a script.Murphy said.But I think it’s good for everyone to have a little break. That’s always a healthy thing and then we can regroup“, he added.

Peaky Blinders the Movie: What We Know So Far

The film will deal with the effects of the explosive end of the sixth season.

Considering that the script is just being finished writing, not much information yet About the movie. However, Knight has already dropped some crucial reveals about the film, from notes on the film’s making to story elements, with each piece preparing fans more and more for his arrival.

The creator stated in his last interview that filming is still scheduled to happen sometime in the next eighteen months, so it is expected to start in 2023. Assuming it follows the natural structure of Hollywood, the movie can be expected in late 2023 or anytime in 2024, though that’s pure speculation.

Recently, Knight also confirmed that tom holland he had auditioned, unsuccessfully, for a role in Peaky Blinders when the series was still running. However, since that news, Knight confessed that Holland could have a role in the next stage of the showinsisting that “if you want to come back for the movie, we will welcome you“.

The Spiderman of the Marvel universe could make an appearance in the Peaky Blinders movie.

About the rest of the cast there was not much discussed, but it is already basically confirmed that both Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson will return like the Shelby brothers. When questioned about the return of the two actors in future projects, the creator stated that “it’s impossible to say, but for the movie, yes“. Knight also surprised by stating that, while the cast will have familiar faces, there will also be “some new faces which with luck will be quite amazing“.

Fans can piece together some potential plot points, knowing that it will continue the events of season six, but few official details have been revealed. However, one thing that Knight confirmed is that the film will be “an untold story that happened In the Second World Warin which Peakys will be involved“.

Finally, what we all already know: as reported VarietyKnight has already confirmed that this film is the end of the road for the show as a whole, saying that “it will be the end of the road for ‘Peaky Blinders’ as we know itThe talk of possible spin-offs in this universe is just beginning, but it’s bittersweet to hear that this fantastic TV show will be resolved in what is sure to be an epic two hours.

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