Pedro Alfonso’s bad moment in Uruguay: “Today was a difficult day and sometimes there are relapses”

Pedro Alfonso, protagonist of the play One night at the hotelis found in full tour in Uruguay, where he performs alongside his colleagues Rodrigo Noya, Iliana Calabró, Julieta Bartolomé, Pachu Peña, Camilo Nicolás and Sofía Macaggi. However, before his presentation this Saturday in Paysandú, the actor surprised his more than 2 million followers on Instagram with a peculiar post in which he refers to the daily internal struggle that he maintains against his addiction to cigarettes.

In the photograph that he shared on social networks, Pedro Alfonso is seen posing with the impressive Florencio Sánchez de Paysandú theater. “Almost two months ago, I stopped smoking and I feel very happy and proud of it,” the actor began the story at the bottom of the image, and explained: “But today was a difficult day and sometimes there are relapses, not because of smoking, but if you want to”.

Pedro Alfonso’s publication on Instagram. Photo/Instagram: @pedroalfonsoo

Likewise, Pedro Alfonso made an express request to his followers: “So I need you to tell me ‘You’re a genius’, ‘keep it up’ and others. So when I have a day like today I come and read them”. Then he argued why: “So says the book that made me quit smoking It’s easy to quit smoking, if you know how, that support and praise is important”.

Finally, the actor clarified: “I am already an ex-smoker, but if I ever have another relapse I will come here to read instead of the book. Meanwhile, enjoying this beautiful theater, the Florencio Sánchez in Paysandú, Uruguay”.

Many of his followers and several celebrities from the show business paid attention to him and wrote him in the comment box. “Crack! I love you, and I congratulate you”, Rodrigo Noya wrote; “Let’s go Capo! You can and I am mega proud of you!”Georgina Barbarossa replied; “Don’t do it Pedro, you’re very boss”, stated Matías Martin; while the notero Pablo Layus replied: “Come on Peter! You are the best”.

Another celebrity who is in the same internal fight against cigarettes is Agustín Aristarán, better known as Radagast, who wrote on Twitter this Thursday: “A whole damn year without tobacco! Stop smoking that laughs a thousand can. The downturn is 4 days later the strong shelf is accommodated. Not only my lungs thank me, but also the whole body. My self-esteem, my soul. Without a doubt one of the best decisions I make!”

For the presentation of the play in Montevideo this week, Pedro Alfonso invited his family made up of his wife Paula Chaves and their children Olivia, Filipa and Baltazar to enjoy the show. “Thank you for accompanying me and for being part of these wonderful days in Uruguay. Everything is more beautiful with you, I love you”, he wrote and then referred to his partner: “Separate paragraph for the captain. You are unique, Paula”. In the photo that was uploaded to Instagram, the Alfonso family is seen on top of the stage smiling with the scenery of One night at the hotel background.

Pedro Alfonso, Paula Chaves and their three children at the function in Montevideo of "One night at the hotel".  Photo/Instagram: @pedroalfonsoo
Pedro Alfonso, Paula Chaves and their three children at the function in Montevideo of “A night at the hotel”. Photo/Instagram: @pedroalfonsoo

In the next post, he uploaded a reel of more images of the family in the theater, enjoying the show afterwards and interacting with each other. “A little more of the beautiful weekend totally detached in Montevideo”, Said the actor, along with a list of all the dates that they will give on the other side of the pond.

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