Pedro Alfonso’s request for help to his followers: “Today was a difficult day”

Pedro Alfonso (Gustavo Gavotti)

Some days ago, Peter Alfonso made one of those strong decisions in life that mark a before and after. the husband of Paula Chavez and father of Olivia, Baltazar and Filippa He faced his addiction to cigarettes and quit smoking, a battle that takes place minute by minute, and in which strong temptations usually appear, like the one that happened to him this Saturday. And in the previous to the function of the work One night at the hotel In Paysandú, in Uruguay, a reflection was allowed with his Instagram followers, which resembled a request for help.

Almost two months ago I quit smoking and I feel very happy and proud about it. But today was a difficult day and sometimes there are relapses, not because of smoking, but because of wanting to, “said the actor, and launched a call for solidarity instagramer: “I need them to tell me ‘you’re a genius’, ‘keep it up’ and too much. So when I have a day like today I come and read them, “she said.

The former producer of ShowMatch He added that he learned this procedure in the book he relied on to leave his addiction behind. “Support and praise is important. I’m already an ex-smoker, but if I ever have another relapse I will come here to read instead of the book”, he closed, along with an image in the theater Florencio Sanchez from the neighboring country.

Pedro Alfonso's post
Pedro Alfonso’s post

Immediately, the publication multiplied thousands of likes and comments from famous and anonymous followers, who more than fulfilled the slogan and began to leave their messages of support. “Come on Pepe! In time you will see the fact of having smoked as something anecdotal and you will be proud of yourself, and of the effort you were able to overcome. You do it for yourself and even more so for your family that makes you even stronger, “he wrote. Zaira Nara, close friend of his wife.

Of course, the model was not the only one. “Congratulations. Every day you win you are further away from that desire, “he continued. Benjamin Rojas. “Don’t do it Peter. You are very crack ”, added the driver Matthias Martin. “I love you and I congratulate you,” said his cast partner, Rodrigo Noya. “You are number one. I’m not crying,” said his sister-in-law. Delphine Chavez.

Pedro Alfonso, Paula Chaves and their children Olivia, Baltazar and Filippa (Instagram)
Pedro Alfonso, Paula Chaves and their children Olivia, Baltazar and Filippa (Instagram)

A few days ago, Pedro and Paula celebrated a new anniversary since they met in a broadcast of sun for the boys and they began a love story that grew in the eyes of the public. Afterwards they had a long flirtation in the corridors of Ideas of the Southwhere the model shone on the runway Dancing for a Dream and he was just a producer. At first, many did not believe in this love, it even transpired that it was just a staging to become famous, but time showed that the relationship was more than serious: so much so, that years ago they passed through the altar and today they have three children together Olivia, Baltasar Y philip.

For this reason, on the twelfth anniversary of that meeting, the driver used her account Instagram to publish several stories about their life together, but what caught the most attention was a revelation about the first meeting they had. “12 years ago we started this beautiful bard. On August 8, 2010 we met for the first time in Un sol para los hombres. He producer, me fill model, and an unusual phrase to start a conversation: ´Vos sos chueca?´”. The rest is more or less known history.


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