Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Lodi left a live mobile from the Viviana Saccone program

Pepe Cibrián made a mobile with Nahuel Lodi for the Viviana Saccone program but left the note

Pepe Cibrian definitively forgave Nahuel Lodi after an infidelity was discovered a few days after the marriage. Thus, the couple returned to bet on love and are shown together whenever they can. The last thing was this Wednesday afternoon, in a joint interview and through a video call, which they gave to viviana saccone for her new television cycle in which her role as host stands out.

While the historic theater director enumerated the reasons that caused him displeasure regarding how certain media outlets treated these bedroom problems, images of Lodi committing infidelity were seen on the screen. And there Cibrián, with his usual parsimony, changed the tone of his voice. “What I ask of you is that they no longer show that image. It’s the only thing I ask of you, because they passed it and I don’t like it. I’m still on the show because it’s you, because otherwise I’d retire, “she demanded.

“The truth is that this is not the mood for Nahuel or for me. If it’s going to be like this, I ask you with love, Vivi, let’s leave it. I ask you please ”, insisted Pepe, while in the background he was heard as Saccone -with problems in his microphone, he asked him not to leave.

“It does not hurt me to see this, but I have never given a report in these circumstances. I thought we were going to talk about us, about life. But I’d rather not. Let’s leave it at that, Vivi. I have no desire”, Cibrián said, insisting on his point. “Actually, Pepe, the news is obviously that they have been able to reconcile …”, intervened the panelist Luciana Elbusto, but the producer cut her short. “No no no. I have no desire. No, my love, listen to me carefully: I love Vivi, Nahuel loves her, and we have come to do a program of joy, of tenderness, but honestly no, no. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Thank you as well”he said and cut off the communication abruptly.

The video that bothered Pepe Cibrián: the compromising images of Nahuel Lodi at a party

“Obviously the news was this, your reconciliation, we were going this way. Perhaps now we start with the questions because he made us curious… ”, insisted Elbusto, until Saccone returned to the air without understanding what was happening. “It was cut, Pepe. Cut your mobile? Sorry, I couldn’t talk to you because they were changing my microphone, I had no sound. We were obviously going to honor your request if you didn’t want to talk about this. We thought yes, that you felt like it, or that you could speak it without any inconvenience”said the actress.

Of course it was not our intention that you bother. Sorry, Pepe, if he really bothered you. What was it that bothered you? I don’t understand…”, Saccone apologized, but it was too late. And so in the cycle Lifetime (Net TV), moved on to another topic.

Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Lodi after passing through the altar

We are very good”, Pepe himself said a week ago about his relationship with Nahuel. “It was a tough situation for me. He did me wrong, but I love him and I don’t care what people think. I don’t want to explain. She is a wonderful person and we are trying to reestablish the bond with a lot of good luck, we are together and I am very happy, “added the director of dracula.

He is a wonderful person”, defined Pepe to her husband and said that the repercussion that the case had in the media was what affected her health. “They will have to take responsibility for what they said in court”said when qualifying that what was given of him and his partner were “Very strong and delusional slander”.


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