Pepe Cibrián left a mobile live when they aired her husband’s infidelity: video

Pepe Cibrian forgave an infidelity and gave a second chance to Nahuel Lodi. Back together, they gave an interview but the theatrical producer exploded when he saw that while he was speaking, the video of the betrayal and abandoned the mobile.

The theatrical producer gave an interview with Nahuel Lodi to talk about reconciliation, but he exploded when he saw that they remembered the deception.

It all happened in the air Lifetime (NET), while Viviana Saccone introduced them and talked about reconciliation. “You are a very temperamental man, very passionate, so what was the first thing that happened to you?” The driver asked him while the filming where Lodi kissed another man was seen on the screen.

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Without mincing words, Cibrián warned him: “What I ask you is that they do not show that image anymoreThat’s the only thing I ask of you because they played it and I don’t like it. I continue because it is you, otherwise I would withdraw. “That is not the spirit for Santiago… sorry, neither for Nahuel nor for me”, she added uncomfortably, in the middle of a failed one in which she called her husband by the name of her ex-partner.

The video that proves the alleged infidelity of Pepe Cibrián’s husband (Photo: Capture America).

Minutes later, he did not hide his discontent and expressed: “I have never given a report under these circumstances. I thought we were going to talk about us, about life, but I’d rather not.” In the apartment they tried to convince him to change his mind, but they were unsuccessful and Cibrián disconnected from the video call.

Pepe Cibrián returned with Nahuel Lodi: the story of reconciliation

A month after the wedding Pepe Cibrian Y Nahuel LodiA video was leaked in which it was evident that the young man had been unfaithful to the producer. They immediately separated but the playwright slipped the possibility of a reconciliation that was confirmed a week ago.

“It was a tough situation for me. He did me wrong, but I love him and I don’t care what people think. I don’t want to explain. He is a wonderful person and we are trying to reestablish the bond with a lot of good luck, we are together and I am very happy, “he said in dialogue with LMPlay.

Pepe Cibrián and his boyfriend, mix of prints and colors.  (Photo: Movilpress)
Pepe Cibrián and his boyfriend, mix of prints and colors. (Photo: Movilpress)

“He is a wonderful person,” he remarked over and over again. pepe He pointed out that the repercussion that the issue had in the media was what really ended up affecting his health. “They will have to take responsibility for what they said in court”he maintained, calling what was said “very strong and delusional slander.” She compared the coverage of the case with what she lived Beatrice Solomon live.

“They did me a lot of damage. I also do not forgive that they have talked about my aunt Carmen, who is a sacred person for me”, he said, hurt.

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