Pepe Cibrián’s ex broke the silence after his infidelity: “I shouldn’t have exposed myself”

Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Lodi were married at the end of June at a party with 200 guests in the Barracas neighborhood (Photo: Ramiro Souto)

The images were powerful and Pepe Cibrian could not forgive Nahuel Lodi. They had been married for barely a month when a video was leaked where the 32-year-old is seen in a compromising situation. It had all started last Friday, when in intruders (America) showed the clip in question, in which Lodi is seen kissing another man in a bowling alley. Due to certain coincidences in the tattoos, added to the unmistakable detail of the engagement ring that looks on the ring finger, there was little room for the benefit of the doubt.

“When I found out and saw him, I asked someone to talk to Nahuel and leave, that he had nothing else to talk about because there is no solution for this,” the theater director sentenced hours after the scandal broke out, in dialogue with relentless (The nine). And this Tuesday, he returned to refer to the subject on his social networks, where he left a devastating message: “I am not proud to be on the front page due to some personal conflict when what should be talked about is some work of mine,” he said. read part of his release.

The theater director and the 23-year-old celebrated their symbolic wedding less than a month ago, and are in crisis after learning about the clip (Video: “Intruders”, America)

In this context, and after several days of silence, it was his now ex-partner who spoke. “I prefer not to speak for the moment, let everything settle, of course all this affected me a lot”, he began by saying in dialogue with the journalist Juan Etchegoyenvia WhatsApp. And he continued: “Let them say what they want, only those of us who were inside the house know how things are, the rest speak because they have plenty of time. I mishandled myself because I shouldn’t have exposed myself that way”.

The truth is that the 74-year-old artist has already confirmed that there is no going back in the relationship. But for some time, those around him had already had suspicions about Lodi’s intentions. Claudia Lapaco Y cecilia milone It was some of Cibrián’s friends who had let him know. “Pepe, do you know exactly who he is?!”they told him, words more or less. He took it naturally, believing that suspicion was “logical.” What was his response? “They should know by now that I’m not stupid. No, I’m not stupid. Also, if I had chosen to be with someone in exchange for financial well-being, what is the problem? With my money I do everything I want.

Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Lodi, during their wedding party a month ago (Ramiro Souto)
Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Lodi, during their wedding party a month ago (Ramiro Souto)

In this sense, one of the most vehement regarding the relationship was Georgina Barbarossa, who stood firm in his position and made a call to attention to the couple. “I asked Pepe: ‘Does this boy like you? And it seems that he wants it well … ”, slipped the driver at that time. And then she looked at the young man to make a strong announcement: “If you don’t want it well, we’re going to break your soul. Are you aware that you have two monsters that are going to fall on you?”, he shot him without filters on Pepe’s circle of friends.

“She’s brave, she’s brave,” Lodi replied with a nervous laugh. “She told me: Pepe, are you sure? What are you going to do? It seemed good to me, but it’s love … ”, finished Cibrián. Those statements caused a cross between the two, and days later Pepito He reproached him for that attitude: “I didn’t cry because of the criticism, I don’t care. What happened with Georgina did hurt me deeply, because it is a 40-year friendship, in which Nahuel has nothing to do, who hardly knows her.”.


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