Portugal’s (amazing) luxury campsite with giant pools in shipping containers


This is the highest (and original) pool in Europe, at the Ohai de Nazar resort in PortugalOHAI NAZAR
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There are destinations that we often take for granted or relegate to the background because of having them close by. A lot happens -and has happened- with Portugal and the truth is that the neighboring country continues to surprise us with numerous proposals to discover during long vacations or to savor during a four-day getaway. There are urban plans, but also places to disconnect surrounded by calm, endless beaches and with the best views.

the cabins
The cabins have all the luxuries of a hotel.

On these lines we travel to ohai nazar, Y eco-sustainable resort Located in the largest reserve of pine forests in the entire Iberian Peninsula, Pinhal de Leiria (11,000 hectares), one hour from Lisbon and three kilometers from Nazar, the surfing town on the Portuguese Atlantic coast known for its waves, the largest in the world – up to more than 70 meters. The introduction doesn’t sound bad at all.

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Two young people bathe in one of the containers.

Included in the category of glamping (the mixture of camping and glamor so fashionable), it is the largest complex of these characteristics in the country, with eight hectares of land. By it are distributed among the trees tents and bungalowsthat at night illuminated paint a unique picture. The first, for four or six people, include all the luxuries and comforts of a high-rise hotel, with air conditioning, a private terrace, a modern and careful design, materials that respect the environment and XXL beds from which you can listen to the dial when it falls. Sun. In addition, they are pet friendly and also have caravan and tent pitches if those options are preferred.

The pool is the
The pool is the highest in Europe.

Inaugurated in 2020 with a clear commitment to sustainability, it has become the perfect destination for families, as it has a multitude of activities for adults and children. Although one of the great attractions of the complex is, without a doubt, the ecological pool made with five recycled shipping containers which have made it the tallest -and possibly original- in Europe. At night, when they light up -with low consumption LEDs, of course- they are even more impressive. Some of them are air-conditioned and also have glass sides, which makes the experience even more appealing. For when the heat is not so intense, they have opened a swimming pool with a retractable roof as well as a spa where you can enjoy a relaxing massage while the children enjoy a dance workshop or a video game tournament.

Gastronomy moves on the same principles. The Dasos restaurant bets on the local and seasonal product. The buffet is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they also have a menu. For those who prefer a quick snack, there is an open-air bar. They also have a coworking space, in case someone arrived without all their homework done.

the water park
The complex’s water park.

September is the perfect time to enjoy everything that this idyllic spot has to offer, be it miniature golf, inflatables, the water park, gymkhanas, treasure hunts or face painting, without forgetting the workshops to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment imparted to children. In Ohai they also keep the elderly in shape: they have a gym -you can hire a personal trainer-, paddle courts, petanque, beach volleyball and tennis, among other activities. Until October 10 remain open; from then on, I will only do it on weekends. Any excuse is good to escape to this paradise.

Mrs information. National Highway 242, Km 31.5, Nazar (Portugal). Email: infonazare@ohairesorts.com. From 150 euros (the first half of September; from 90 (the second).

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