Pre-trip 3: dates, limits and everything you need to know about the program that starts today

A tourist presale program that refunds 50% of the value of the trip (Credit: Prosefotur Press)

From today it is possible to advance purchases of tickets, packages, stays and other tourist services anywhere in the country that can be entered into the Previaje program, which reimburses 50% of the expenses in the form of a credit to reuse throughout the tourism chain. from the country. In the case of PAMI affiliates, the return will be 70%. After the massiveness that the first two editions of the program reached, this time the dates will be more limited. There is time until September 18 to buy in advance and until the 21st to upload the vouchers.

In this frame, Those who travel between October 10 and December 5 can buy from September 6 to 11 and upload their vouchers from September 6 to 14 on the website To travel between November 1 and December 5, you can make your purchases from September 6 to 18 and upload your vouchers from September 6 to 21.

Purchases that generate credit are only those that are carried out before tourist providers registered in Pre-Tripthat provide services such as accommodation, travel agencies, domestic air transport, land transport, car and equipment rental, parks, museums and excursions, among others.

Those planning to travel in October have until September 11 to make purchases and until September 14 to upload vouchers
Those planning to travel in October have until September 11 to make purchases and until September 14 to upload vouchers

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the program, prepared by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports:

Make sure that the provider you are going to buy your national tourist services from is registered in the program and verify what its benefit limit is. The list of providers is available at

Register with your Mi Argentina Level 3 account with biometric data validation. Verify that your CUIL and the rest of the personal data are correct, otherwise you will not be able to access the benefit.

Create your trip indicating origin, destination, date of departure and return, and other data.

Those planning to travel in November have until September 18 to make purchases and until September 21 to upload vouchers
Those planning to travel in November have until September 18 to make purchases and until September 21 to upload vouchers

Load them into the created trip. Make sure they are issued in your name, with the type and number of the document, and that they have details of the contracted services. Bus tickets and air tickets are also valid. Remember that cash purchases are not accepted. After loading, the credit will be validated and credited on the date of travel.

Once your vouchers are validated, you will see the benefit amount in your profile. Before starting your trip you will receive the card at your address. They will also be able to spend the reimbursement through BNA+, the entity’s virtual wallet. Those who have participated in previous editions of Previaje and keep their card will be able to use it again.

You can use the card from the date of your trip in the entire tourist chain of the country until December 31, 2022.

To use the card it is not necessary for providers to be enrolled in the program. It is illegal for a merchant to charge a surcharge for paying with the Previaje card.

📍 Accommodation

📍 Travel agencies

📍 Transportation

📍 Excursions

📍 Resorts

📍 Car and equipment rental

📍 Tourist attractions

📍 Gastronomy

📍 Entertainment and leisure

📍 Regional products

📍 Other tourist services

Once the Pre-Travel card is received, the credit can be used at any business in the tourism sector, from the start date of the trip until December 31, 2022. An important point is that with this card the traveler will be able to spend on new tourist services but also on gastronomy or shows in their own city until December 31.

Access to the benefit will be enabled once the minimum accumulated amount of $10,000 has been reached, made up of one or more proof of expenses. The minimum amount per receipt is $1,000. The amounts reimbursed under the Pre-Trip program have a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $70,000 per person over 18 years of agefor purchases in the categories of accommodation, travel agencies and transportation. In the rest of the items, the credits will have a maximum of $5,000 per person.

All limits mentioned are per person. Therefore, in a family group, all members over 18 years of age can generate creditsas long as the receipts loaded in the system are in the name of each one of them.


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