Pre-Trip 3: from tomorrow you can buy tickets and accommodation to receive a 50% refund

After the price agreement reached last week with the hotel chain, finally the Government will enable tomorrow the Official site of the PreViaje 3 program so that Argentines looking to vacation in the country in the coming months buy their lodgings and stays and upload the receipts to obtain a 50% refund. PAMI affiliates will receive a higher return of 70%.

As reported, people traveling between October 10 and December 5 can shop from September 6 to 11 and upload their vouchers from September 6 to 14 in Those who do it between November 1 and December 5 will be able to make their purchases from September 6 to 18 and upload their receipts from September 6 to 21.

After loading, the credit will be validated and credited on the date of travel. To use it, the beneficiaries will receive a preloaded card issued by Banco Nación and will also have the BNA+ Virtual Wallet. Those who have used the previous editions of PreTravel and keep their card, will be able to use it again.

Purchases that generate credit are only those made before tourist providers registered in PreViaje, which provide lodging services, travel agencies, domestic air transport, land transport, car and equipment rental, parks, museums and excursions, among others. . Once the card is received, The credit can be used at any business in the tourism sector from the start date of the trip until December 31, 2022.

Access to the benefit will be enabled once the accumulated minimum amount of $10,000, composed of one or more vouchers. The minimum amount per voucher is $1,000. Credits granted under the Pre-Travel program have a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $70,000 per person over 18 years of age, for purchases in the categories of accommodation, travel agencies and transportation. In the rest of the items, the credits will have a maximum of $5000 per person.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Ministry of Economy of the Nation signed an agreement last Monday with the entities representing the private sector to establish a table of maximum rates for the accommodations that participate in this edition of PreViaje. To do this, the latest low season rates available in the main destinations of each province were taken as a reference; that is, the one corresponding to June or July 2022, depending on the characteristics of the place. With this objective, a survey of nearly 200,000 prices was carried out. The sanction for accommodations that do not comply will be exclusion from Pre-Trip in its current and future editions.

During the first two editions, PreViaje benefited 5 million tourists and had an economic impact of $165,000 million.

“PreViaje was the great impetus to start the recovery of the sector internally after its greatest global crisis. Thanks to this program, our established and emerging destinations enjoyed a historic and extended season. In this post-pandemic scenario, we launched a more focused version, with the aim of encouraging getaways during the months with less movement”, explained the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, and said that tourism is one of the sectors that leads the growth of economic activity and job creation at the federal level.

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