Preview 3: seven destinations to visit this spring

The third edition of Previaje It will be officially launched in the next few days and will have the same benefits program as on previous occasions, that is, 50% of the value of the trip will be reimbursed in credit to continue consuming products and services.

This new phase of the program of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation aims to “stimulate” the low season in Argentina, that is, to travel between October 1 and November 30, 2022.

“It had delays because the idea was to launch it earlier, but the situation and the economic situation in the country meant that we had to review the program in budgetary terms, although it will be launched as planned,” explained Matas Lammens. In this line there are seven suggested destinations to visit, among which are Mendoza, San Juan and Chubut, among others.

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Per person, the program has a reimbursement limit of $100,000, in lodging, transportation, and airline expenses. Thus, the minimum value of each receipt loaded into the system must be $1,000.

The 7 suggested destinations

-Puerto Madryn: In the spring time you can see right whales, but on a lucky day you can also see killer whales, dolphins, dusky and southern dolphins, elephants and sea lions and even penguins. An ideal destination for nature lovers.

Mendoza: mountains, wonderful landscapes and the whole world of wine in one place. One of the three destinations most chosen by tourists from all over the country in recent years.

Valley of the moon: This formation is located in the province of San Juan and the Talampaya National Park is in La Rioja, nearby destinations that are ideal to visit at this time.

Tandil: a key destination for a spring getaway just 350 kilometers from CABA. Mountain ranges and gastronomy form a combination that makes a calm and charming city totally attractive.

Federation/Columbus: two hours away between the two in the province of Entre Ros. In both destinations there are hot springs and the shores of the Uruguay River, with beaches and calm water for bathing. The inevitable is the El Palmar National Park.

Calchaqui Valleys: Taf Del Valle, Amaicha del Valle, Faimall, El Pichao, El Mollar, Colalao del Valle, and others, make up the valleys that can be discovered on a getaway. Waterfalls, salt flats, jungles, and the nearby with archaeological ruins.

Esteros del Iber: one of the destinations for nature lovers, its flora and fauna stand out to the fullest with capybaras, alligators and plant species that adorn thousands of hectares.

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