Priyanka Chopra or how to succeed in Miss World, Bollywood, Hollywood, the Met Gala and the planet of global ‘celebrities’

Elena of the Rivers

If 40 is the new 20, Priyanka Chopra turns 60. Not because he has aged prematurely, but because the task of achieving the achievements accumulated by his awesome resume neither in two nor in four decades. In fact, if you had to put face of celebrity to the unstoppable globalization of the planetThe genesis of the greatest wealth that we have seen in the West in all of history (and of the climate crisis that inhabits its dark side), could well be that of Chopra, a beauty of racial traits that can be exported to the entire globe. Priyanka’s face is familiar from Tokyo to Los Angelesthrough Paris Fashion Week. Rewrites the myth of the American dream as a global triumph. She is the only woman of color who has managed to be celebrated in America as much as the unassailable Oprah Winfrey.

The merit list of this newcomer to quarantine and motherhood (through surrogacy, that’s why you haven’t seen her pregnant) has no borders. She was Miss World 2000with the relevant 18 years. Multi-award winning star in Bollywood since 2008. Columnist at Hindustan Times, The Indian Times either The Guardian since 2009. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Rights in 2010. The most influential Indian person on social media in 2012. best selling singer with several albums and a hit with Pitbull in 2013, the year in which Guess signed her as a new Sofia Loren. Since 2014 it has its own film producer in MumbaiPurple Pebble Pictures, with which he does not stop filming blockbusters. She has been the image of TAG Heuer, Pepsi, Nikon, Nokia, Garnier or Nestlé.

Her exotic ‘sex appeal’ propels her international careerbeginning in 2015 with his first contract in the United States, for the TV series ‘Quantico’and her appointment as UNICEF Global Ambassador, United Nations Ambassador of Peace and a countless string of activist spokespersons (for PETA or other feminist organizations) and charities. Pantene appoints her in 2016 as its first Indian global ambassador. start to roll blockbusters and hollywood: from ‘Baywatch’ (2017) to ‘Matrix Resurrection’ (2021). In 2017 she debuted on the red carpet of the Met Gala arm in arm with the one who would later become her husband: the Jonas Brothers singer Nick Jonas11 years younger. In 2018, she attends the wedding of the century: that of Henry of Wales and his friend Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. She posts some memories that become best seller immediately in 2021. And opens a restaurant in Manhattan: Sona.

With so much influence and therefore, cannormal that his career in acting and music has mutated to the exploitation of the image, entrepreneurship and investments. In addition to her restaurant and film production company, Priyanka Chopra markets its own cosmetic line of vegan products for hair, it has launched its own signature flavored water Bon V!V and Sona Home, a line of objects for the home. is also a investor with a keen eye: participate in the app of Bumble dating (and helped launch it in India), in the start up Apartment List rentals, at the luxury sports fashion firm Perfect Moments or at the digital avatar production business Genies.

This enormous visibility entails, in return, a great responsibility, and the controversies in which Priyanka Chopra has been involved they have not been few. Some have been unfortunate coincidences, such as presenting an award at the Trump-era Oscars the same year that Iranian director Asghar Farhadi refused to attend the ceremony in protest at the ban on US visas to several Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Others come directly from recklessness. In 2020, they went viral Criticism of Chopra for his defense of the Black Lives Matter movementafter spending years announcing some skin whitening products very popular in India.

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