Puerto Iguazú: 5 places to visit on these vacations – Argentina

1- Guira Oga Animal Shelter

Those who visit Puerto Iguazú, and want to discover its attractions beyond the falls, have the possibility of exploring Guira Oga refuge. It is a project that contributes to the rescue and reintroduction of wildlife.

The place is ideal for families interested in caring for nature. It has a veterinary hospital that assists the animals that inhabit the space during their recovery. Also, has a sector dedicated to their nutrition and rehabilitation.

One of the curiosities that can be noticed in Guira Oga is the layout of its construction. To build the property, no tree was cut down and its structure was developed in complete harmony with the jungle.which is the biome to which he dedicates his mission.

During the tour, Monkeys, coatis, parrots and macaws, among other species, can be seen. On the site it is also possible to participate in awareness training. In addition, training courses oriented to the missionary flora and fauna are offered.

Guira Oga, which means “the house of the birds” in Guarani, covers 19 hectares of forest. It is located at kilometer 1,637 of National Route No. 12 and opens its doors every day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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2- Milestone of the Three Borders

The point where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet is called “Hito de las Tres Fronteras”. It is one of the few places where you can see the landscapes of three countries. There the Paraná and Iguazú rivers converge with all their natural strength, an eternal source of stories and mysticism.

In this step there is a craft fair and a monolith with the Argentine flag. In the distance, two others corresponding to Paraguay and Brazil can also be seen. The figures indicate the sovereignty of each nation.

At night, on the walk surrounding the landmark, you can also enjoy the classic attraction of the dancing waters and a mapping technology presentation which, for 20 minutes, projects a sequence of traditional dances from the three countries.

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3- Duty Free Shop Puerto Iguazú

The Puerto Iguazú Duty Free Shop represents an ideal alternative for travelers seeking to combine the enjoyment of natural attractions with the option of sharing a relaxed walk.while exploring different opportunities to acquire unique products.

It is a space characterized by its innovative design, where visitors find recreational experiences and go through one of the best duty free shops in the worldsince in this area the mall is part of the international vanguard.

The complex covers an area of 10 thousand square meters and is located on the border crossing, near the head of the bridge that connects Argentina with Brazil. By virtue of this location, it is surrounded by the pure air and calm characteristic of the Misiones jungle.

In terms of design, each of the Duty Free Shop premises seeks to reinterpret emblematic destinations, for example the city of London in the access to the promenade, the paths of Venice in the clothing sector and the streets of Paris in the perfumery area. .

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Another factor of interest is the constant activations and events carried out in alliance with prestigious brands. This kind of initiatives earned it multiple distinctions, such as the “Frontier Awards” for the “Best Duty Free Store in the World”.

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4- The Aripuca

La Aripuca is an ecotourism initiative that seeks to raise awareness about natural resourcesencourage actions to take care of them and show the traditions of the region. The space in which it works was built on the basis of recovered treesmany of them centenarians.

His figure is inspired by the traps used by the Guaraní peoples. From the inside you can learn by direct contact about each of the trunks, which belong to protected species and in several cases in danger of extinction.

There are specimens of lapacho abá, missionary cedar, timbó, rosewood, peteribí, whip horse, incense and jam, among many others. These names are carved into their barks to facilitate learning.

It is important to point out that some of the trees were felled by the action of storms or were lifeless after being struck by lightning. At other times they had simply completed their life cycle.

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5- Iryapu Jungle

The Iryapú Forest is located on the outskirts of the city. It is notable for its exuberant vegetation and the incidence of the Guarani culture there. The Iguazú National Park is part of the ecosystem and extends over 600 hectares, where trees over 400 years old can be seen..

Another of its distinctive features is that It has a sector designed for tourist purposesalways in full harmony with the original customs. there they work about 15 medium and high-class hotels, as well as various spaces with a social, artistic and sports profile.

The proposal is to combine walks assisted by native guides and celebrations of the Guarani people.. For example, it is possible to internalize how this culture uses different traps both to hunt and to defend itself in the presence of jaguars.

Regarding natural life, the participants of these tours can see birds and butterflies, as well as coatis and monkeys that approach the groups and families of travelers. During the journey you will also learn about the use of the different native plants.

Horseback riding is another possible adventure in Iryapú. They are developed on the Guatambú and Cachí trails. The first path is serene and crosses a mud lagoon. While the second goes into the jungle and offers contact with the inhabitants of a local village.

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