Rappi arrives in Bahia with services, promotions and job opportunities

Starting today, Bahienses will be able to use Rappi and find a wide variety of services in a single application: from delivery in restaurants, pharmacies and specialized stores, to courier service, the possibility of receiving cash in the comfort of your home and buy domestic flights with six interest-free or international installments.

“For a long time we wanted to disembark with our technology in Bahía Blanca. We are very happy to be able to take this step today and to work together with local SMEs to help them grow and increase their sales through our application”, commented Astrid Mirkin, General Manager of Rappi Argentina and Uruguay.

Weeks prior to its launch, the Latin American app reached more than 1,700 downloads by Bahienses. In addition, more than 2,000 people registered to start distributing and generating extra income through Rappi.

To date, the application already has a wide offer. By entering the Rappi application, Bahienses will be able to place their orders in restaurants such as Ardenas, Big Six, Mulata Café, Seven Food, CLA al Paso, Ziba, Capitanes Coffee Co. and large chains such as McDonald’s, Mostaza, Grido, El Noble , Country Well, Guapaletas and Bonafide. They will also be able to purchase personal hygiene products through Farmacias Alem, buy their vegetables at Mandale Fruta or sweets and drinks at kiosks such as Clickpoint. Over the next few weeks, the supply of available stores will continue to expand, and the possibility of making purchases in large supermarkets will be added.

“Our reception in the city has been very positive. With Bahía we share the values ​​of innovation, technological drive and entrepreneurship. From the beginning, more than 130 SMEs trusted us and joined our platform to create or strengthen their sales channel and we hope to help them make this leap”, added the executive.

The application is now available for download on iOS and Android systems. In this first stage, the service will be available mainly in the downtown area of ​​Bahía Blanca, covering the surroundings of Julio Argentino Roca Park, Rivadavia Square, Independence Park, Sculpture Walk and the National University of the South. The goal is to continue expanding the scope to more neighborhoods in the city in the coming months so that everyone can use Rappi.

On the occasion of the launch, Rappi will offer a $500 gift and a 50% discount on the first purchase to new users who register in the app with the code “holabahia”. In addition, for the next three purchases they will have a 30% OFF. Likewise, with the code “BAHIAPRIMEPLUS”, new users will be able to access three free months of the Prime Plus membership, which offers free shipping for each of the purchases made in any vertical of the app, exclusive discounts, free access to platforms such as HBO Max and 24/7 support through Whatsapp, among other benefits.

How to join the Rappi offer and generate additional income

All those businesses that are interested in joining the platform can register at: https://surveys.rappi.com/inbound. In addition, those who wish to have extra earnings can register as independent distributors through the “Soy Rappi” application. To do this, it is only necessary to have a cell phone with mobile data, be of legal age and indicate whether you will place orders on foot, by bicycle or motorcycle.

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