Rating: Marcelo Tinelli returned to television and the public accompanied him, did he manage to beat La Voz Argentina?

the end of The famous hotel and the debut of sing with me nowthe new program Marcelo Tinelli paid off for eltrece, whose nightly prime time surpassed Telefe’s numberssignal that usually leads the time of greater ignition.

The channel of the colored balls stretched telefe news forty minutes after 9 p.m. seeking to reduce the audience at the start of the reality show hosted by Pampita Ardohain and the chinese leunisa successful maneuver to moderate the impact of the expectation generated by eltrece. the end of The famous hotel It began at 9:20 p.m. and lasted until 10:34 p.m., when it started sing with me nowlocal version of all together nowthe new format, based on a singing contest evaluated by a hundred juries, with which Marcelo Tinelli broke away from his historical ShowMatch and “Dancing for a dream”.

Alex Caniggia became champion of El Hotel de los Famosos and winner of 10 million pesos

The famous hotel scored an average of 13.6 points and climbed to a peak of 15.8 pointsfigure reached in the final stretch of the contest that has already confirmed a second edition in the last quarter of the year, designed to compete with Big Brotherthe famous running of the bulls reality show with which he will step on the Telefe court.

With an impressive staging, Marcelo Tinelli opened his new show appealing to some icons that make up his DNA such as the famous greeting “Goodnight, America” or the song leitmotiv “Together”, performed by Abel Pintos. The presence of his son “Lolo” sought to give familiarity to that moment expected by the host and by his audience.

The opening raised five tenths the mark left by The famous hotel until climb to 16.4 points, the maximum number reached by the program in the 22:45 slot. The final average of sing with me now was 15.1 pointsa very good figure, within the parameters that both Tinelli and the channel expected for the start of the brand new big show.

Marcelo Tinelli opened his new program with his son Lolo
Marcelo Tinelli opened his new program with his son LoloCourtesy Channel Thirteen

In Telefe the shock was felt, giving up the leadership and placing in second place, although the drop was not too pronounced. Competing directly with The famous hotelturkish fiction fugitive scored 11.3 points, while The Argentine Voice closed his average at 12.8 points, down from the 14.1 points he had achieved last Thursday when The famous hotel he had made 9.7 points.

When the television year entered its second semester and several premieres and player moves are still expected to enhance the final stage of the competition of open channels, Tinelli’s entrance to the court moved the board. Television needed one of its stars, a category in danger of extinction, when the return of Mirtha Legrand and the premiere of some other special with Susana Giménez are still awaited.

Tinelli and eltrece achieved the proposed objectivebut also on Telefe last night it was celebrated since the loss of audience was not so dramatic. With 49.4% of the share, sing with me now It achieved the biggest turn-on of the day and was the most watched program on television on Super Monday.

In the ninethe highlights of The famous hotel affected the final forty minutes of Blessed, whose average was 3.9 points, a little more than one point below their usual figuresalthough it did not prevent him from being the most watched of the signal. On the other hand, the arrival of Tinelli did not affect too much The exact timecycle that yesterday achieved an average of 1.4, only a few tenths less than usual.

A JUSTICE (America) had to compete with the final of The famous hotelbut he did not have to suffer having to face Tinelli. The show business series, hosted by Angel of Brito, closed its average at 2.9 points, a few tenths less than its usual margins and had to share first place in the channel with intrudersthe historic cycle led by V flower.

Flor de la V, leading Intruders, tied with LAM for first place in America
Flor de la V, leading Intruders, tied with LAM for first place in AmericaAmerica TV Press

Instead, to LPA (America) had to face not only the final of the eltrece reality show, but also the first part of sing with me now. The format led by Florencia Peña scored an average of only 0.8 tenths. With 1.2, Stray animals I can trace America’s numbers to the close of prime time.

The curiosities of the television rating made TVP, despite the very strong competition of the leading channels, raise its averages thanks to the always effective soccer broadcasts. Yesterday, the state channel came in handy with the broadcast of Women’s America’s Cupspace in which the match played between Argentina and Colombia was seen. the broadcast garnered an average of 3.2 points and climbed to 3.6, comfortably beating JUSTICE Y LPA.

In net tv, The Lord of the heavens Y reshape led with 0.5 tenths, while in good tv, distilling love it was the most viewed with an average of 0.4 tenths.

Coti and Cande Tinelli were presented by Marcelo Tinelli in the first program sing with me now. In a familiar tone, the driver spoke with his daughter and his son-in-law, members of the jury star of the program.

Pampita Ardohain announced the name of the winner of The famous hotel, in a close final between alex caniggia Y Martin Salwe. The result favored the first, who with histrionics and a very particular personality had been emerging as the firm candidate to win the jackpot.

Mau & Ricky praised the qualities of their team participants. In this instance of The Argentine Voicecalled “battles”, the talent of those selected who passed the initial stage is explored.

1. sing with me now (eltrece) 15.1 rating points

two. The famous hotel (eltrece) 13.6 points

3. The Argentine Voice (Telefe) 12.8 points

Four. fugitive (Telefe) 11.3 points

5. telefe news (Telefe) 10.7 points

Data provided by Kantar Ibope Media.

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