Rejected: the unusual reasons why Hollywood stars lost important roles

The stories that celebrities tell about how they were rejected for certain characters not only abound but are also considered as part of the construction of their respective images as Hollywood stars. Anyway, other times Yes brutal rejections occur for reasons ranging from serious positions to arbitrary decisions that could have been rethought.

On this note, a tour of five castings that did not go well for the actors who showed up with high expectations.

Tom Cruise only met Tim Burton once and it was enough for the directorPascal LeSegretain – Getty Images Europe

tom cruise is now an undisputed star, a multiple Oscar nominee and a great favorite with the public, which guarantees that the films he commands are always true successes, such as the recent Top Gun: Maverick have demonstrated. Nevertheless, in the early 1990s, when Tim Burton I was choosing the protagonist of Scissorhands, It didn’t matter that the producers suggested the name of the actor that at that time was on the crest of the wave thanks to films like the top gun original, The color of money, Rain Man Y Born on the 4th of July. The filmmaker simply didn’t want Cruise for the role that eventually went to Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp had always been the filmmaker's favorite for his film
Johnny Depp had always been the filmmaker’s favorite for his film

According to reports, Burton gave in to pressure and agreed to have a single meeting with Cruise to see if he was the right actor for the role. When the protagonist of Jerry Maguire questioned the ending of his film and asked for a happy resolution, the director rejected the idea that he command its production because it also made him “too many questions about his creative vision.” Later, it was revealed that Cruise’s biggest annoyance was that Burton had decided to end his work “too melancholy” for his liking.

Regé-Jean Page was rejected from a series and raised his voice about it
Regé-Jean Page was rejected from a series and raised his voice about itNetflix

When Rege-Jean Page starred in the first season of Bridgerton, the popular Netflix series, all eyes were on the actor, who was considered the true revelation of the production of Shonda Rhimes created by his close collaborator, Chris Van Dusen. In fact, the actor received a SAG nomination, the Screen Actors Guild Award, for his portrayal of the Duke of Hastings. Thus, the British actor became a star overnight and many showrunners and directors wanted it for their projects. Prior to Bridgerton, however, the story was different. Page auditioned for the sci-fi series, Kryptonreleased in 2018 and which officiated as a prequel to Superman. Years later, he learned why he had not been chosen.

The actor went to the casting to get the role of Seg-El, Clark Kent’s grandfather, but the role went to Cameron Cuffe. The reasons? According to multiple sources, Geoff Johns, producer and former creative chief of DC, I didn’t want an African-American actor in that role. This was revealed by an investigation the hollywood reporter when he alluded to Joss Whedon’s mistreatment of Ray Fisher. “Johns was supervising the project and said that Superman couldn’t have a black grandfather,” reported sources close to the project.

Reading the report, Page backed up the anonymous testimonials with a forceful tweet. “Hearing about these conversations hurts no less now than it did back then. Clarifications almost hurt more, really. I keep doing my thing. We still do the work. We keep flying”, wrote the actor of the gray man about the episode of racism suffered.

Chris Pine, rejected for the youth series The OC
Chris Pine, rejected for the youth series The OCFile, Archive

Who would dare to refuse chris pine for a project? The charismatic actor Wonder Woman, Star Trek Y In the woods He was just taking his first steps in the industry when he decided to audition for a youth series that would become a real success: the oc by Josh Schwartz, released in 2003. At that time, Pine had only made a few appearances in other television fictions such as ER: Emergencies Y CSI Miami, and wanted to take a big leap. Therefore, He auditioned for the part of Ryan Atwood and auditioned well, but one thing put casting director Patrick Rush off: his acne.

“Chris did very, very well, but this is painful to say. At the time, he had really bad skin, and that broke my heart because I was a kid with acne too. But I remember thinking he had done well,” said Rush, who cast Ben McKenzie. “He wasn’t the Josh I had envisioned physically, but he inhabited the role like no other, Ryan was a lost young man with a certain mystery, and Benjamin shared the same qualities,” he noted.

Mädchen Amick was not left for the central role of Gilmore Girls
Mädchen Amick was not left for the central role of Gilmore GirlsGROSBY GROUP – THE NATION

Think of another actress who is not lauren graham for Lorelai Gilmore’s character in gilmore girls it is truly impossible. In any case, in the casting process for the Amy Sherman-Palladino series released in 2000, the actress from twin peaks was considered for a role that is installed in popular culture. Although Mädchen Amick advanced many pigeonholes in the auditions (although Graham’s name was always circulating among the producers), one day he received the call that he had not stayed. The reason they gave her was that she did not look “too old to be a mother”, beyond the fact that Lorelai was the mother of Rory (Alexis Bledel) as a teenager, at 16 years old. friend, who currently plays Alice Smith in the series Riverdale, is 51 years old, while Graham was four years old more at the time of casting.

Lauren Graham got the role that many actresses longed for
Lauren Graham got the role that many actresses longed for

Beyond not having been chosen for the role of Lorelai, Amick remained on the radar of Sherman-Palladino, who called her to play Sherry Tinsdale, the wife of Christopher Hayden (David Sutcliffe) and mother of his daughter Gigi, a character less important (and less lovable), but that in any case allowed the actress to shine in an iconic series.

When they asked the showrunner of the fiction about Graham, did not skimp on praise: “Lauren got the part because with Lorelai you had to be funny, you had to talk fast, you had to act well, you had to be sexy, but not in a way that distances the audience, she had to be strong but not with the ‘I hate men’ stance,” Sherman-Palladino explained about why the actress landed the coveted role.

Alicia Silverstone, dethroned by Claire Danes
Alicia Silverstone, dethroned by Claire DanesToni Anne Barson – WireImage

One of the best youth fiction of all time is, without a doubt, my supposed life by Winnie Holzmann. Premiered on ABC on August 25, 1994, the series lasted only one season, ending January 26, 1995. In the production, Claire Danes played young Angela Chase, who navigates the insecurities of adolescence while unable to get over her crush on Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto). Danes’s enormous talent had already been noticed since then, and so was the industry’s perception: Claire won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama at just 16 years old, in addition to receiving an Emmy nomination.

Claire Danes, chosen for My So-Called Life
Claire Danes, chosen for My So-Called LifeReuters

In any case, the protagonist of Homeland was not the first choice of producer Marshall Herskovitz, who wanted Alice Silverstone. Soon after, he told the actress that she had not been chosen because she was “too pretty.” “Alicia is so beautiful that it would have affected her experience,” Herskovitz told the new yorker about the reason for the rejection, but he also elaborated with better arguments in the same interview. “We needed an actress who shined between beauty and what she was in the making for, and that’s where we saw Claire. In one scene she had to cry and her face turned red because she gave it all, an intense and emotional experience, everyone was impressed with her”.

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