Retro video: this was the casting of Lissa Vera to become a Bandana, 21 years ago

The singer appeared 21 years ago in a Popstars casting to succeed in the world of music

During his time through The Hotel of the Famouswhere she reached the semifinal instances and became the last woman eliminated, Lisa Vera revived some hits from Handkerchiefthe successful female group that was a boom when it emerged in the 2000s. More than once she sang the classic “Guapas” and revealed some anecdotes of that unforgettable experience. more than two decades ago, the artist appeared at the reality casting pop starswhen i was 19 years oldand that was the kick of his career. In the retro video of the audition he hinted at his passion for music and his desire to become a star.

“I am María Elizabeth Vera, a student, and I live in San Justo”told in the program that it had its first edition in 2001, while holding the number five that identified it as a participant. Surprised that she was one of the first in the endless line of applicants, she explained that she camped out for several nights and took turns with a friend’s mother to secure entry. Outside, her parents encouraged her, anxious to know if she would make it to the next round.

“During all this time I have been practicing, it is something that I do all my life and I would like to be a pop star”, he confessed. And he added: “I want to make a clarification: whatever happens, I’ll still be grateful”. When the time came to stage her talent, she explained that she chose a song that would allow her to cover the entire vocal range, from the lowest to the highest: nothing more and nothing less than the hit “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Lowrdez, Valeria Gastaldi, Lissa Vera, Ivonne and Virginia da Cunha, the members of Bandana in 2001

After the ballad, they asked him to perform something more moving to know his movements when walking around a stage. This time she opted for a song by another of her idols, Christina Aguilera’s “Trapped Genius.” After receiving some advice from Magali Bachor to perform in front of the camera, they deliberated if he deserved to move towards his dream. The director of the jury, Fernando Lopez Rossipraised his performance “We believe that you have a great capacity for movement, you eat the world singing and dancing. Work that because it’s your thing “.

To put an end to the suspense, he told her: “Pass round”. With a sigh and a giant smile, the singer thanked the opportunity and went out to hug her parents. “I am alive, I survived. It’s something I came into the world for, so I have to do it now or I don’t do it anymore”, He revealed behind the scenes, and promised to give his full potential to shine. “She is a potential star, she just needed to be discovered,” slipped her father, out of pure pride.

In the same program he presented lourdes fernandez -who later adopted the stage name Lowrdez-, Valeria Gastaldi, Ivonne Guzman, and Virginia da Cunhawho together with Lissa became the successful girl group. They not only sold thousands of records and toured the country on different tours, but they also made their own movie, titled live trying. And they also participated in a video clip for the film by lilo and stitch from Disney.

The hard moment that Lissa Vera lived, when they wanted to kidnap her

The dizzying fame they acquired implied a resounding change in their lives. While she was on the El Trece reality show, the singer spoke openly about some of the difficult times she went through. “For the age I was, I earned a lot of money. I kept a part that I used for my expenses, friends, and the rest I gave to my parents so they can saveand I had to tell my dad to please buy something because he was used to the war economy,” he assured in dialogue with José María Muscari.

“I had a heavy situation where I lost money because I left the neighborhood because they wanted to kidnap me, at the time of the kidnappings, in 2002. We had to erase ourselves,” he recalled. Due to the delicate context and the fear they felt, her family moved to Paraguay and she moved to an apartment in Palermo. “It was one of the shittiest things I’ve ever experienced. HandkerchiefWe had a very bad time and the money went on rent and things. When we finished the contract, I was left without a job, with five thousand pesos in my pocket and my life, which I didn’t know where it was going to end”, he summed up.


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