Ricardo Arjona surprises by improvising iconic theme during his trip on a train to Machu Picchu

Ricardo Arjona surprises by improvising an iconic theme during his trip on a train to Machu Picchu. (twitter)

the renowned singer Ricardo Arjona He caused a furor during his trip on a train from the city of Cusco by accompanying the Peruvian musicians who were in the means of transport with his voice. And it is that, the singer-songwriter is already in our country to offer his two concerts in Lima and Arequipa.

The Guatemalan will perform this September 7th at the “Jardín de la Cerveza” in Arequipa and, later, he will fly to Lima to sing in front of his thousands of fans on Friday 9th at “La Pelouse” of the Jockey Club of Peru. However, he took advantage of his days off to visit Machu Picchu in the company of his wife, children and loved ones.

In the middle of your little vacation, Ricardo Arjona has surprised by deciding to sing one of his iconic songs while he was on the train. Through social networks it became known that the composer did not refuse to sing ‘taxi story’ while others played drums and guitar.

The video of their improvisation went viral and spread on Twitter, where a user posted the clip adding: “(Ricardo) Arjona by train to Machu Picchu setting the tone”wrote the afternoon of this September 5. As can be seen in the images, the national artist was very happy for this moment.

Ricardo Arjona sang ‘Historia de taxi’ on a train from Cusco. (twitter)

Let us remember that this is not the first time that Ricardo Arjona visits Peru. This time he does it as part of his tour ‘Black and White’which started in the United States and has already toured some cities in Europe, so now it’s Latin America’s turn to listen live to ‘Who would say’, ‘Señora de las cuatro decades’, ‘Minutos’, ‘El Problema’, ‘Te I know’, among others.

It should be noted that all the shows that Ricardo Arjona has been presenting have sold out and his most recent work is ‘Blanco y negro’, an album that has had great success on digital platforms. Additionally, he received an American Grammy nomination for Old Fashioned. Not content with this, he has achieved a billion views of the video clip for “Fuiste tú”, a song with Gaby Moreno.

A few months ago, Ricardo surprised by singing in the New York subway where many did not recognize him. Although they appreciated his voice, many thought that he was an imitator of the singer. “I would lie saying that I did well singing on the subway”, He pointed out his Instagram account on that occasion.

The best thing that happened to me was a Mexican lady who told me that she was an imitator of Arjona but that I It was too tall, that the real Arjona was very short, “the artist also said from his social networks. It should be noted that Ricardo Arjona already has a past as a street artist, since in 1985 he sang in the Florida pedestrian street, in the city of Buenos Aires.

Ricardo Arjona returns to Peru.  (Photo: Instagram)
Ricardo Arjona returns to Peru. (Photo: Instagram)


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