Ricardo Centurión broke the silence after his departure from San Lorenzo: why he left and decided to “take distance from football”

Ricardo Centurión broke the silence after leaving San Lorenzo. Why he left football and now returned to training in a differentiated way in Vélez (TyC Sports)

This Monday it reappeared Ricardo Centurion and showed up to train at the Olympic Village in Velez in Ituzaingo. The striker has a contract with the Liniers entity until December 2023 and in the first part of this year he went on loan to San Lorenzowho terminated his contract due to absences from training. After two months the player broke the silence, he told his version of the departure from the Cyclone, why he left football and explained what he hopes for his future.

“I was training with Pedro (Troglio, former coach of San Lorenzo). Then some things happened that I am not going to tell you about, that are personal. I chose not to play and take a little distance in football. My obligation was to return to Vélez and the club had to allow me to train, that’s why I came back today, “she revealed in a chat with Sports T&C.

As to whether there was any economic problem with San Lorenzo, he explained that “I do not understand these things and they are handled by my lawyer and my representative. Some things were a bit wrong on San Lorenzo’s part. Obviously on my part I take responsibility too, things were more mine than San Lorenzo’s, which are personal. I’m not going to count them”.

Ricardo Centurión put on Vélez’s clothing again (@adrianricardo1993)

While he clarified why he left and decided to train again. “I have decided to take some time, to get away from football, but today I realized that I need to train again and feel good,” she assured. “I have a contract with Vélez and I have to train, so that let’s not go to another dimension, I don’t want to do anything to Vélez, it was never my intention nor will I do it. That they give me a teacher and he can train me“, held.

“The idea is to get well, it’s been a long time since I did almost anything. It’s time to get physically fit and see which club notices me. Hopefully soon, I feel good. Personally, I’m up again. We are going to wait for what my representative brings”, indicated the 29-year-old offensive midfielder.

While he admitted that “he was isolated” and did not want to “listen to anyone.” Although he clarified that he “missed training me. Soccer is my life, soccer is everything and I missed it as for any player. It took me a while to realize, but I knew that this is my happiness. Today I am here and this whole week I will be in Vélez training”.

Centurión played 12 games in San Lorenzo and scored two goals
Centurión played 12 games in San Lorenzo and scored two goals

Ricky hopes to have a conversation with Vélez’s coach, Alexander Medina, and see what possibilities there are to continue at the club. “I came back today. The conversation with the Cacique will take place if I run into him and he agrees to talk. A chat is not denied to anyone. We’ll see,” he said.

After his departure from San Lorenzo, a survey by Peñarol of Uruguay came out and a possibility was added in Defense and Justice, although the DT, Sebastián Beccacece, would not have accepted it.

The concrete thing is that Centurión still has 18 months of contract with Vélez and his future for now is uncertain. He is away from the professional team, but in the meantime he will seek to recover his best physical shape and continue working at the Fortín facilities.


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