Ricardo Darín in Venice: a 9-minute ovation at the historic “Argentina 1985” gala

at the gala Argentina, 1985 at the Venice Festival, which has just ended, was the most important moment in national cinema in recent years. And there they were, moved, Ricardo DarinPeter Lanzani, the director Santiago Miter and the entire Argentine delegation, who received after the screening a standing ovation of nine minutes.

All that moment, the one of applause and the one of enjoying sharing the projection with spectators from all over the world, for the first time, perhaps, perhaps, in one of those, in exactly one week, it will be displaced by another equally transcendent one.

On Saturday, September 10, the prizes are awarded, the Golden Lion for the best film, and the silver ones, plus the Volpi Cup for the best performers.

The cast and crew of “Argentina, 1985” pose on the red carpet before the premiere. Photo: Reuters.

The film will be released in Argentine cinemas on Thursday, September 29and three weeks later it will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video, co-producer of the film. It focuses on the Trial of the military Juntas. Darín plays prosecutor Julio César Strassera, Lanzani is Luis Moreno Ocampo and Alejandra Flechner plays Strassera’s wife.

Chronology of an unforgettable gala

The Argentine delegation, which as we already mentioned is enormous, came down from their rooms at the Excelsior Hotel, where they are staying, to meet with other compatriots and head, all together, towards the gala. And the time set was 5:00 p.m. First, there was a cocktail at the Hotel, for the film crew and special guests.

And at 5:45 p.m. – yes: an hour before the screening began, scheduled for 6:45 p.m. – they began to head towards the Palazzo del Cinema.

The projections of the official galas are in the Sala Grande del Palazzo del Cinema, which is less than 200 meters from the door of the Hotel, but as protocol dictates, the main guests got into several cars that are available to the Festival, and that left them at the foot of the red carpet.

Let’s go everyone

The director Santiago Miter and Dolores Fonzi at the gala for "Argentina, 1985" at the Venice Film Festival.  Photo: AFP

Director Santiago Miter and Dolores Fonzi at the “Argentina, 1985” gala at the Venice Film Festival. Photo: AFP

were those mentioned Santiago Mitre, Ricardo Darin, Peter Lanzani, and Alejandra Flechneralso Victor Alonsothe executive president of physical production of Marvel Studios, the co-writer Mariano Llinas and your partner Laura Paredeswhich acts in Argentina, 1985 and will stay until next week: he also stars in and co-wrote the screenplay for Trenque Lauquén, by Laura Citarella, who competes in the Orizzonti section.

Ricardo Darin, gala.  After the projection he teared up and hugged his wife Florencia Bas and his son el Chino.  Photo: AFP

Ricardo Darin, gala. After the projection he teared up and hugged his wife Florencia Bas and his son el Chino. Photo: AFP

They were also the Darin Chinesewho is the producer of the film together with his father, plus Axel Kuschevatzky, Agustina Llambí Campbell, Federico Posternak and Santiago Carabantethe director of photography Javier Julia and the Spanish musician Peter Osunawho composed the music for the film and was an orchestrator for No time to die, Thor: Love and Thunder Y Light-year.

The cast and producers left, then, in previously assigned cars, no “turn up, let’s go together”, or “do we all get in here?”. The producer of the film Victoria Alonso, for example, shared the journey in her vehicle with Peter PascalChilean actor from the mandalorian. Ricardo Darin went with Florence Bashis wife, and his son. Director Santiago Miter did the same with Dolores FonzHis couple.

Peter Lanzani in Venice, his second trip to the Mostra, after "The clan" and 2015. Photo: AFP

Peter Lanzani in Venice, his second trip to the Mostra, after “El Clan” in 2015. Photo: AFP

The rest of the guests did so walking.

Once in the Red carpetmet the requirements of the paparazzi. Photos together, separately, but all in a pre-established order of arrival, with a steadycam rotating around them, to record it for television.

The producer Agustina Llambí Campbell brought some handkerchiefs to the gala with the legend “Son 30 mil”. Victoria Alonso also displayed one, while some Argentine fans, from the other side of the fences, approached Chino Darín with an Argentine flag. Then, the three plus Alejandra Flechner, posed for the fans to take photos of them, and then they approached the rest of the delegation and returned to pose all together before the paparazzi cameras, with the handkerchiefs.

Victoria Alonso (last on the right, producer of "Argentina 1985"), Alejandra Flechner, Agustina Llambí Campbell and a director from Amazon, with handkerchiefs with the legend "are 30 thousand"on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival.  Photo: EFE

Victoria Alonso (last on the right, producer of “Argentina 1985”), Alejandra Flechner, Agustina Llambí Campbell and an Amazon director, with handkerchiefs with the legend “Son 30 mil”, on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival . Photo: EFE

Once in the Sala Grande, the members of the Jury were already there, who will decide the Palmarés, as we said, within a week, on Saturday 10. Our compatriot was also Mariano Cohen, director of The distinguished citizen, 4×4 Y official competitionwhich was screened a year ago right here, in this very room. Julianne Moore, on the other hand, saw the film in the morning at a function together with the press and people from the accredited film industry.

clap meter

An apparent way to know how the audience received the films in the competition for the Golden Lion is to count the number of minutes of applause received after the screening, while the final titles are played on the screen of the Sala Grande. , which has no curtain.

An image from the film "Argentina, 1985".  Photo: Digicine.

An image from the film “Argentina, 1985”. Photo: Digicine.

It is assumed that the longer the ovation, the happier the spectators were. In this edition, at the top was until now bones and allscreened on Friday night. How long did the applause last? Between eight minutes and eight and a half minutes.

In part, it is understood: it was the first of those that compete directed by an Italian director (Palermitan Luca Guadagnino, the one from call me by your name), and with a Hollywood star like the young Timothée Chalamet.

But Argentina 1985 got over it: nine long minutes of standing ovation. Exciting. Darín cried and hugged first with his wife and his son, then with Santiago Miter and Peter Lanzani. Mariano Cohn wanted to come over to greet them, but he couldn’t make it due to protocol issues.

At one point during the long applause, Darín gestured to the three young actors who play the prosecutor’s assistants in the film. As they were three rows further back, after that gesture they moved forward and the public could see them.

Continuing with the applause meter, they followed her behind Depositwith Cate Blanchett (6 minutes) and Bardby Alejandro González Iñárritu, with Griselda Siciliani (4 and a half minutes).

What is the Great Room like?

The screening of the gala can be accessed by different routes. The press and people in the film industry, like any other accredited, can try to get their ticket online. These tickets fly very fast, because they are counted, and those for Argentina, 1985, were available from 6:45 am on Tuesday, August 30.

The remainder, which is certainly always a lot, is put up for sale to the general public. This is something that differentiates the Venice Film Festival from the Cannes Festival, where the screenings of the galas are only with special invitations.

The price of tickets to see the movies varies, it has different values. A projection at 11 in the morning is not the same as the central one, which is precisely that of Argentina, 1985, always around 7 in the morning.

How much did the ticket cost? Well, 50 euros. At the blue exchange, just under 15,000 Argentine pesos.

The Sala Grande, which houses around 1,000 spectators, has a stall divided into three sections and, going up the stairs, you access the Galleria, which is where the actors, director and producers sit, and there is also an audience. And, in each gala, the same case occurs: all those who are seated in the stalls -members of the Jury included-, must turn to see the actors behind them, and then, yes, the applause is heard.

The celebration

After the hugs and congratulations after the screening, everyone left the Sala Grande and went to the Hotel Excelsior and half an hour later they were docked at the hotel. There they boarded different taxi boats for the dinner planned for the celebration of the international premiere. It was in one of the exclusive ristorantes of the Hotel Cipriani, in Venice.

But that is another story. The big story had ended with the applause for the film.

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