Ricardo Darín obtained Uruguayan citizenship: “The only thing I lack is the thermos and the mate under my arm”

Ricardo Darin

fresh from Uruguay, Ricardo Darin He said that he obtained nationality in the neighboring country. He did it in dialogue with the Uruguayan journalist Martín Lema, who did a brief interview with him before the actor entered a place to pick up a pizza, and whose audio was played on The Comeback Showthe program of Ulysses Jaitt which is issued by Radio Ensemble.

The protagonist of great cinematographic successes such as The Secret in Their Eyes He clarified that his trip had been purely and exclusively to carry out the corresponding procedures and not to film a movie, as had been speculated. “I went to do the documents. It is done. I already have the final ones. Now I have to renew them every three years.explained who now, in addition to the Argentine, has Uruguayan nationality.

“How did you see Uruguay?” the journalist wanted to know. “Very well. The only thing I needed was to have the thermos under my arm, and the mate”The actor joked and expressed his joy that the national soccer team has qualified for the next Qatar 2022 World Cup in November. “I’m very happy. We were cutting nails”considered about the last matches.

Ricardo Darín and his family usually choose the beaches of east end to enjoy a vacation. For example, every year they celebrate the Fiestas there: they travel the last days of December and receive the new year in José Ignacio, a destination that other Argentine celebrities also visit. In addition, in the case of the actor, his birthday is January 16 and that is why he extends his stay to celebrate there.

Last summer, Darín celebrated his 65th birthday accompanied by his wife, Florencia Bass, his children clear Y Darin Chineseand his daughter-in-law, the Spanish actress Ursula Corbero. The couple of young actors arrived the day before to be present at the celebration. On that occasion they enjoyed a sunny day on the beach, rented an umbrella to stay safe and had lunch as a family.

Ricardo Darín on the beach of Punta del Este (Ramiro and Matias Souto)
Ricardo Darín on the beach of Punta del Este (Ramiro and Matias Souto)

Later that night, they went to eat at an exclusive restaurant in Jose Ignaciowhere Marcelo Tinelli happened to be with his family. At that time, the Daríns were staying in a house located in the closed neighborhood of Pinar del Faro, also in the José Ignacio area.

While enjoying his new nationality, Ricardo Darín is about to release Argentina, 1985who stars alongside Peter Lanzaniunder the direction of Santiago Miter. It is a feature film inspired by the team of prosecutors led by Julio Strassera Y Luis Moreno Ocampo that continued, despite the threats, in the trial of the heads of the Argentine military dictatorship.

“It is inspired by the true story of the team of prosecutors led by Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo who, accompanied by a group of young people in their David vs. Goliath battle against power, dared against all odds and under constant threat, to prosecute the heads of the bloodiest military dictatorship in Argentina, providing justice to its victims and peace to its survivors”, indicates the synopsis of the film in which Ricardo Darin plays Strassera and Peter Lanzani to Moreno Ocampo.

Argentina, 1985 -which will be available in all theaters from September 29- is a co-production between La Unión de los Ríos, Kenya Films and Infinity Films. And other than starring Ricardo Darín is also among the producers, along with his son and his partner, Federico Posternakin addition to the renowned entertainment journalist Axel Kuschevatzky.


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