Ricardo Montaner cried when he heard “Indigo” on La Voz Argentina: “I’m missing her a lot”

Ricardo Montaner cried when he heard Indigo on La Voz Argentina (Video: Telefe)

Look at the song they have“, said Ricardo Montaner He barely heard the first chords of the song that two members of his team had prepared for their battle. The Argentine-Venezuelan singer-songwriter, who for this coaching had the collaboration of Ortega stickwas surprised that the production of The Argentine Voice I would have chosen the theme Indigothat his daughter Eva Luna and his son-in-law, Camilothey created to announce the arrival of their granddaughter. And she couldn’t hold back her tears during the rehearsal in which the duo of Valentine and Emily Y Nicholas They performed it in front of him.

“When they touch your heart it has so much to do with my family, especially with Indigo who has just arrived in the world. Then I was so moved and I couldn’t help but cry.”, said the interpreter of little piece to his colleague backstage. And then, she explained to the participants: “This song was written by Evaluna and Camilo for my granddaughter, who is just a few months old. Y They made me sentimental because I’m missing her, they don’t know. It’s a bit hard for me to be objective, I don’t know how they did it, because they directly touched my heart. So you can’t talk about the technical stuff.”

Immediately, Montaner wondered how he was going to do during the battle so that the same thing didn’t happen to him. “When you get excited about something like what happened to me in rehearsal, it takes a lot of work to detach yourself from the personal in order to be objective”, he explained still shocked. “That’s where the emotions are going to calm down. You will have to use your experience to decide,” Ortega told him then.

Valentina and Emilia faced Nicolás singing Indigo in La Voz Argentina (Video: Telefe)

The truth is that, once the battle began, exactly the same thing happened to Montaner as in the previous one. Y not only did he start to tear up, but he took out his cell phone to record the moment and send a message to his daughter and son-in-law. “What a responsibility to sing Indigo in front of the grandfather,” he said Marley As soon as the presentation was over, to give Ricardo an opportunity to say a few words.

“It is very exciting for me. It happened to me in rehearsal too. I can’t, it’s something very strong…Because this It is the most wonderful stage of the human being, when you reach this point and have the opportunity to continue your life through your grandchildren. To all the grandparents who are watching us, I fully understand that they can get emotional every time they see their grandchildren,” the singer-songwriter began. And he continued: “In my case, I am very weepy. But here it is already too much, here I cannot hide it”.

Immediately, Montaner told the particularity of how Indigo’s arrival was. “The story has touched us very closely, because it was not a normal birth in which they go to a clinic. He went home and with everyone around Eva and Cami. So, it’s like we all had it. And listening to them, for me, is like a huge emotion, because they are very close. And since I miss them so much, because they went to Spain, I feel it especially, “explained Ricardo, who not only managed to move his children, Mau and Rickybut also to Lali Esposito Already Soledad Pastoruti.

The truth is that, when the time came, Montaner had to choose who would continue on his team. And, after hesitating for a moment, he chose to continue working on the contest with the sisters Valentina and Emilia. “I think these two girls have a lot of future, but I also know that my heart was touched by the fact that they sang something that directly affects my emotions. I was very happy with this battle”, concluded Ricardo.


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