Roberto García Moritán was emphatic about the nickname “Pampita’s husband”: “He is macho”

Roberto García Moritán stood up when asked about the nickname “Pampita’s husband” in LPA (America)

On more than one occasion, they have tried to “offend” Roberto Garcia Moritan implying that he was known only for being “Pampita’s husband”. And the current Buenos Aires legislator was always in charge of making it clear that he was proud to have married Carolina Ardohainwith whom he had his daughter Good and assembled a family to which they add Baptist, Beltran Y Beniciofruit of the couple of the model with Benjamin VicunaY dolphin Y Santinoof his relationship with Miracles Brito.

The truth is that this Friday, the official was a guest in the living room of LPAwhere Florence Pena he subjected him to his classic “quick” questions. And the actress had no better idea than to ask her if she would title her autobiography: “I am a daring husband.” “I am a husband, for sure,” García Moritán answered. And this led to the driver returning to the subject. “Does it bother you a lot that they call you ‘Pampita’s husband’?”

At that time, the legislator denied again as he has been doing since he married the model. “I am very proud to be Pampita’s husband and I am very proud of the family we have built,” he said. And then he added: “You know what the worst of all is? What’s the true”. He then asked permission to stand up, looked at the camera and surprised everyone with his reaction.

Roberto García Moritán and Pampita with all their children (Instagram)

“I am very proud to be Pampita’s husband. I am crazy in love with Carolina. I would marry again every day. I love her. And I love the family we form. I love Ana, Santino, Delfi, Bauti, Beni, Beltrán… Uh, what a mess I have with this many names! I am very happy and proud, ”he repeated and then returned to his place and gave a deeper explanation.

And it is that, when Florencia remarked that they used that nickname to put “the finger in the sore spot”, Roberto assured: “The idea was installed that it bothers me and it doesn’t bother me at all. Now, notice my interpretation of the insult. For me, the insult shows how macho the person who says it is. Because what annoys her or what she’s trying to make fun of, is that my wife is better known, she’s more spectacular and she’s more successful. Then, They say it to me as ignoring me, because I am less than my wife. And what is the problem? She is great and I am going to accompany her all her life so that she can be even greater”.

A few days ago, García Mortián and Pampita shared the celebration of the first anniversary of their daughter. The little girl turned one year old on July 22, while she was in Ibiza with his mother and three of his brothers. However, the deputy had not been able to be present at the celebration organized in a luxurious hotel on the paradisiacal island and, therefore, already in Argentina they celebrated again with a party at Nordelta’s house, surrounded by friends and family.

On the same property where they met after the baby’s baptism last December, the couple summoned their loved ones to enjoy a fun afternoon, full of activities for the little ones. The long table located in front of the lake was the place chosen for lunch, with a decoration of flowers from end to end under a natural grove. Among the guests they said present Gabriel Oliveri, Barbie Simons, Barby Franco, Puli Demaria and Julieta Novarro, who showed in their respective Instagram accounts some moments of the birthday.


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