Roberto García Moritán’s unexpected reaction to a question from Florencia Peña: “I don’t know if what I’m doing is right”

Roberto Garcia Moritan reacted unexpectedly when Florencia Peña He asked if it bothered him that they called him “Pampita’s husband” all the time.

The Buenos Aires legislator was invited to the fucking mistress (America TV) and when Florence Pena asked him what happened to him every time he was named “Pampita’s husband”, he He got up from the chair and made a romantic statement to his wife and mother of his youngest daughter, Ana.

I am very proud to be Pampita’s husband, I am very proud of the family we put together. Do you know what the worst of all is? Which is true,” said Roberto García Moritán. “Look, I’m going to do one thing: I don’t know if what I’m doing is right, but where is the camera?” asked the Buenos Aires legislator after getting up from his seat.

I am very proud to be Pampita’s husband. Crazy in love with Carolina, I would marry again every day. I love her, I love the family that we form. I’m very happyMoritán said looking at the camera.

“The idea was installed that it bothers me and it doesn’t bother me at all. Now, look at my interpretation of the insult. For me, the insult shows how macho the person who says it is. Because what annoys her or what she’s trying to make fun of, is that my wife is better known, she’s more spectacular and she’s more successful. Then, They say it to me as ignoring me, because I am less than my wife. And what is the problem? She is great and I am going to accompany her all her life so that she is even greater, “she analyzed without hesitation.

Roberto García Moritán defended Pampita in the Legislature

In June of the current year, Roberto Garcia Moritan crossed the legislator Berenice Ianez during the treatment of the law project for productive integration and promotion of work in popular neighborhoods.

In the midst of a heated debate, when the Kirchnerist legislator Berenice Iañez referred to Moritán as ‘pampito’, making fun of him, he exploded. “The upstarts of politics, the pampitos of the world, when they come to legislate, they come to do it for their friends“was Berenice’s phrase.

I am the husband of Pampita, president… A free, enterprising woman who has managed to become an empowered woman. That she has known how to transcend, to be a reference of struggle, of merit. I am very proudly married to Pampita“Roberto defended himself. And he closed in defense of Pampita:” In a day in which some of his companions gave a speech of Ni Una menos, it is pretty unlucky. She earned everything she has don’t underestimate her“.


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