Rodrigo De Paul was shown again with Tini Stoessel after his separation from Camila Homs

A year that should be one of pure concentration for Rodrigo dePaulIt became a turbulent stage after his conflictive divorce from the model Camila Homs. After the crossed declarations of his lawyers and the beginning of a legal battle for the division of assets and the alimony of the couple’s two children, the soccer player decided to show himself again with his current girlfriend, the singer Tini Stoessel.

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This Tuesday, the Atlético Madrid midfielder shared a photo in his Instagram stories in which he is seen with the interpreter of La Triple T. Both are relaxed, smiling and in love. “I missed you”It was the tender message that the young man dedicated to his girlfriend, after a few weeks without seeing each other.

In her profile, the singer also uploaded images of the day, but she was alone, enjoying the European summer in a bikini.

De Paul took a few hours to enjoy himself with Tini after the intense pre-season in which he participated with the rest of the Atletico Madrid, at the command of the coach Diego Simeon.

(Photo: Instagram @rodridepaul)

The team worked, as usual, at the Los Angeles de San Rafael site for two weeks. Now it’s time for friendlies for the Colchoneros: on Wednesday they will play against Numancia in a duel that will pay homage to Jesús Gil y Gil, who was Atletico president between 1987 and 2003.

De Paul and company will then pack their bags and travel to Oslo. There they will meet on July 30 against Manchester United.

In this way, the Argentine midfielder will try to focus his energies on the sporting aspect, while his lawyers face those of his ex-partner in the judicial field.

Camila Homs’ lawyer confirmed that the lawsuit against Rodrigo De Paul is for 50% of all his assets

The declaration of the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, who officially installed the discussion about whether Rodrigo De Paul could miss the World Cup Faced with the judicial dispute that he maintains with Camila Homs, mother of his children, he staged all the parties to the case, who over the hours explained each instance of the case. Regarding the legal representation of the plaintiff, it was clarified that the imposed lawsuit would not prevent the player from being in Qatar 2022, unless he was found guilty of concealing assets.

“In the lawsuit we are going for 50% of everything the couple has earned during the time that the coexistence lasted because we understand that this economic compensation aims to equate this inequality that existed between men and women when the woman takes care of the children. boys and the man works. We are going for 50% of everything the couple has won during the course of it, “ said Ignatius TrimarcoCamila Homs’ lawyer a few days ago in Arriba Argentinos (El Trece).

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