Roger Waters considered Joe Biden a “war criminal” and had a heated argument with a CNN presenter

The famous founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is currently in the United States, as part of his tour This is not a drill. There, he gave an interview to CNN this Saturday morning, to talk about his music and his vision of world reality, and He ended up getting into a heated argument with one of the news channel’s anchors.

It all started when Michael Smerconish criticized him for his marked position in the face of certain events and, in particular, that within the show A clip will be screened that includes an image of US President Joe Biden with the caption “war criminal.”

“I remember his last tour. I went to his recital and saw a lot of allusions about Donald Trump. In the current show, there is a montage of war criminals, according to you, and an image of President Biden on the screen with the caption ‘just getting started’. What is all this about? ”, The presenter wanted to know.

“Well, for starters, Biden is fueling the fire in Ukraine”Waters replied. “That is a great crime. Why does the United States of America not encourage [Volodymyr] Zelensky to negotiate, obviating the need for this horrible, horrible war?”he added. The answer did not seem to convince the interviewer, who assured: “But he is blaming the side that was invaded. It’s the other way around”.

“Well, any war, when did it start? What you have to do is look at history and you can say, ‘Well, this day started.’ You could say it started in 2008… This war is basically about the action and reaction of NATO pushing all the way to the Russian border, which they promised they wouldn’t do when [Mikhail] Gorbachev negotiated the withdrawal of the USSR from all of Eastern Europe”, argued the musician.

Outraged, Smerconish asked: “What about our role as liberators?”. And Walters stated: “We have no role as liberators.” Then, the journalist brought to the scene the role of the United States in World War II, opening a new topic of discussion. “They got into World War II over Pearl Harbor. They were completely isolationist until that sad, devastating, horrible day.”Waters replied.

“I would say that we always planned to enter, and that pushed us to do it. But thank god the United States got in, right? You lost your father in World War II. Thank God, the United States joined, ”replied the presenter.

And Waters replied: “Thank God, the Russians had almost won the bloody war by then. Don’t forget that 23 million Russians died protecting you and me from the Nazi threat.”

Returning to the first topic of discussion, Smerconish reflected: “One would think that the Russians had learned the lesson of the war and would not invade Ukraine, right?” “I suggest you, Michael, go home, read some more, and then try to find out what the United States would do if the Chinese put nuclear-armed missiles in Mexico and Canada.Waters suggested.

“The Chinese are too busy trying to get around Taiwan,” the driver said. “They are not trying to surround Taiwan, Taiwan is part of China, and that was absolutely accepted by the international community since 1948, and if you don’t know that, you’re not reading enough, go ahead and read. You create your own propaganda, and that’s why we can’t have a conversation about human rights or Taiwan if you don’t readWaters insisted.

“And if we talk about human rights, at the top of those who violate them the most are the Chinese,” replied Smerconish. And the musician concluded: “Why is the east always at the top of that list? It wasn’t the Chinese who invaded Iraq and killed a million people in 2003.”

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