Romina Pereiro spoke without filters about her separation from Jorge Rial

Romina Pereira lived an emotionally complicated year after separating from Jorge Rial. The media coverage of the case and the exposure of another romance by the journalist ended affecting your health and had to be hospitalized for chest pain that was a consequence of her stress.

I had a bad time with the theme of the exhibition due to the separation”, confessed the nutritionist in dialogue with Hold on Catalina (The Eleven Ten).

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Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro at their wedding. (Photo: Instagram @jrial)

Romina Pereiro told how the separation from Jorge Rial went

At the beginning of March, Jorge Rial announced his separation from Romina Pereira. The journalist said at the time that the relationship was on good terms and speculated on a reconciliation. Nevertheless, the decision was irreversible and at the end of June they signed the divorce.

It was learned that she did not have a good time because she was very exposed to the whole situation. “It bothered me that things were not said as they were, they exaggerated, lied and added”, he pointed out in the interview.

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“Always with his feet on the ground and understanding that Jorge is a highly public person, known and it was logical that it happenedbut equal it weighed me down a lot”, he clarified.

Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro were together for 5 years.  (Photo: Instagram @romipereiro)
Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro were together for 5 years. (Photo: Instagram @romipereiro)

At the same time, he revealed that he was able to understand the media coverage and found the strategy so that it does not affect you.

You can’t go out and answer and explain everything because it’s worse. So many things were invented that it exhausted me. Over time I understood that TV is a game, life doesn’t happen that way, because of what they say on TV. It’s holding on for a while and it happens, like everything happens. It’s part of the show and it happens,” she said confidently.

In addition, he stated that he felt sad and frustrated for the separation. However, she was able to face the duel in the best possible way: “I think I had a healthy duel of taking refuge in my family, in my friends, in my friends, in my daughters, in my work and from take refuge in people who helped me, helps me and contains me. I think that was what allowed me to go through it”.

“Now I am enjoying being with myself, being alone, calm”, he pointed out with sincerity and happiness for this present.

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