Rosalía read an “alphabet about Argentina” and her fans were outraged by a striking detail

the spanish singer rosalia passed through Buenos Aires and amazed the local public with two shows at the Movistar Arena that, without a doubt, will remain in the memory of the best of the year in musical matters. In the framework of motomami world tourthe artist sold out all the tickets and lived 48 hours in pure argentinity.

Through social networks, the singer shared the personal record of her stay in the country and noted: “Argentina, in love with you since the first time I came and now more since last night”. To illustrate his words of thanks, she posted four photos. In the first one, she can be seen in a winter look with a Jacaranda blooming behind her. In the second, Rosalía is on stage, sheathed in an albiceleste flag intervened with the reasons for her tour.

Rosalía was captivated with Argentina (Photo: Twitter @rosalia)

The other two photos have the singer eating French fries and to the alphabet that a fan gave him in the middle of the show, an Argentine adaptation of one of the tracks from his most recent album, mommy (2022). However, beyond the ingenuity of the unknown author, the local followers of the Spanish artist complained about a striking detail.

During a short break in the concert, Rosalía grabbed a poster that reached him from the public. “This is a very special edition of the alphabet“, ad. “Are you ready, ready, ready and ready everyone?“, I ask. Then, she began to read carefully: “Here it says: A from Argentina”, he said and the applause was general. “B from Buenos Aires, bionic, bellaca”, he added with a smile and assured: “Ok, I’m liking this Argentine version of the alphabet”.

Rosalía read the “alphabet about Argentina”

However, beyond the joy of the singer, when the images of this Argentine adaptation reached social networks, users expressed their anger at the wasted opportunity to mention popular icons of the country. “M for madame, magnitude and I don’t know what else, what did it cost them to put Messi?”, a fan asked. “How can they not put M for Messi?another asked. “How they missed the opportunity to put M of Messi”, maintained a third. And a fourth noted: “How can they not put M for Maradona on the sign?”.

More proposals also appeared to better “Argentinize” Rosalía’s alphabet. “R” for the Argentine railway network”, said a tweeter. “Person missed the opportunity to put or obelisk”, pointed another. “How come the D doesn’t say dulce de leche?”, an outraged user asked. “How do you C for concerts, chocolates? C for Cordoba!”, suggested another. “They make a sign for him that says C for chocolates and not for capybara”, lamented another. “A little disappointed that they didn’t put ‘E’s for empanadas; M for croissants, little pots; and A for alfajor’”, said another user. “To make it more Argentine, I would have given it a C for constitution.”, indicated another. And another was a little more extreme with her opinion: “The one who wrote that, I want him in jail”.

Rosalia read the "alphabet" from Argentina, but the fans did not like it (Photo: Twitter @rosalia)
Rosalía read the “alphabet” of Argentina, but the fans did not like it (Photo: Twitter @rosalia)

A from Argentina. B from Buenos Aires, bionic, mischievous. C for concert, chocolates. D of diamonds, dominatrix. E for trembling, exuberant. F of Argentine folklore. G for Gardel. H for Honda, hypnotic, haraca. I for icon, identity. J de Jaguar, jazz, José Alberto “El canario”. K for Kawasaki, kilometers, carats. L for labyrinth, Liberation. M for madame, magnitude, mayonnaise. N for Girl of Fire. Ñ ​​of potato gnocchi. Or objective, omega, oasis. P for protagonist, positive, possibilities. Q for sorrow remover. R for revolution, wealth, rebellion. S for wild, synthesized, solid. T to transform, transparent. U for ultraviolet, universe. V for voracious, violent. W for Wagner, Wonder Woman. X of XO, XS Milano. And from the deposit, YSL, Yamaha. Z for sapphire, zodiac, zen”.

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