Rosario closed the holidays with a positive balance and 90% occupancy

rosary beads It was one of the destinations chosen by Uruguayans to enjoy their winter vacations. This is reflected in the statistics of origin prepared by the municipality in a context in which the city was full of Argentine tourists who came to walk, visit the waterfront, the spaces for children and tour the center of Rosario.

According to a survey carried out by the Rosario Tourist Entity, the hotels, aparts and tourist accommodation had a high occupancy, with its peak during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, where 90 of the places with receptive tourism were exceeded. A result that is in direct harmony with what was also experienced during much of July in the main tourist destinations in the country.

The official data also coincided with the query to the local reference for hoteliers, Damián Auzunbud. “We were pretty good on the weekends. The second week of vacations in Santa Fe, which coincided with the first in Buenos Aires, was more busy. Depending on the national macroeconomic context, we did well”, he concluded.

Mainly families came to the city, but also couples, groups of friends and people traveling alone. In order of importance they arrived fundamentally from Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Córdoba, and a marked influx of people from Entre Ríos, Mendoza, Corrientes and Chaco was noted.

But something that the officials highlighted was the very notorious arrival of Uruguayans. It was the main country from which foreigners arrived, in a very convenient exchange and monetary context for neighboring countries, since tourists also arrived from Brazil, Chile, also from Ecuador and some cases that required information from England and Spain.

The arrival in Rosario was fundamentally in private vehicles, but connections in buses and planes were also reinforced.

At the time of drawing an average stay, the stay was set at two nights, in parallel to the regional tourist who does not spend the night in Rosario but visits during the day.

A noteworthy fact that paid off. The Triptych of Childhood (Isla de los Inventos, Jardín de los Niños and Granja de la Infancia) and the cultural offer were in force even after the holidays in Santa Fe, and were the star of the holidays for locals and others; in addition to the strong influx of tourists to the entire outdoor central coast corridor. Bars and restaurants also had a positive impact.

There was also an endless cultural agenda for the little ones with music, games, dance, magic, in the six districts of the city and in the pedestrian areas they fully enjoyed the “Street circus and joy” with play areas and workshops, animations, intermittent shows, magical stages and fairs.

And the private offer was also accompanied by high-level performances with shows, recitals and plays. On this occasion, the Secretary of Sports and Tourism and the Rosario Tourism Entity organized four free guided tours of emblematic sites of the city, to discover its history and learn details and anecdotes, and all had full quotas.

The executive director of the Entity, Bruno Rearte, remarked to La Capital the high number of Uruguayans swarming through Rosario. In the survey of 500 tourists, 60 percent already knew the city before and chose it at least for the second time, “and surely we will have them throughout the year enjoying more things. We are very happy and already working on the second half of the year, planning actions, focusing on spring and summer”.

This implies a promotion of the local brand in cities like Mendoza, Iguazú, Salta, but there is a lack of air connections with those destinations.

“We noticed that receptive tourism has grown a lot and is much higher than traditional weekends. Over the last few months, Fridays and Saturdays were above the consolidated 75 percent and if events were added, it reached 90 percent in some cases”, Rearte marked to summarize: “We had a very good winter vacation ”.

More than 10 thousand people passed through the Paraná Aquarium

The Paraná River Aquarium was one of the most visited sites in the province during the winter holidays. Since July 10, more than 10,000 people were able to learn about the secrets that the Paraná River holds and explore the flora and fauna of Santa Fe through the tour of its facilities and the proposals that were made.

The tour included a visit to the Joint Laboratory of Aquatic Biotechnology, where visitors approached the lines of research related to conservation and aquaculture. In the Aquarium Room they immersed themselves in various environments of Paraná knowing almost 2,000 specimens. At the end of the tour, in the Native Park they were able to learn about the characteristic natural environments of the five ecoregions of the province of Santa Fe.

In addition to the tours, more than 300 boys and girls participated in the playful proposal “Explore biodiversity”, which took place in the Native Park and consisted of exploring the different species of trees and shrubs present in each ecoregion.

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