Rugby: Tomás Sánchez, the Los Matreros player who had an unsportsmanlike action against Juan Marsano, from Pueyrredón, received a two-year ban

Tomás Sánchez, the Los Matreros player who intentionally injured Juan Marsano, from Pueyrredón, received a 104-week sanction by the Disciplinary Committee of the Buenos Aires Rugby Union (URBA).

The sanction of two years without being able to play for the captain of Los Matreros was ratified to LA NACION by the URBA Board of Directors. The Disciplinary Committee reached such a determination after several meetings that included analysis of the referee’s report, review of the video, deliberations and statements from the parties involved. The appeal instance contemplated by the regulation remains open.

The incident, which became public when it went viral on social networks, occurred on Saturday, June 11, during the match between Los Matreros and Pueyrredón valid for the 10th date of the URBA First A championship (2nd division). At 22 minutes into the second period, Sánchez was tackled by Marsano and the two were entangled on the ground. The video clearly shows how Sánchez takes the opponent’s left leg and twists it hard, levering against the natural rotation of the knee. Marsano had to leave the field with difficulty walking and, although subsequent tests did not reveal a serious ligament injury, he missed playing the subsequent games.

A player from Matreros injured the rival

Though the referee Nicolás Cotic did not notice the aggressionsince it happened behind the back of the play that continued, when seeing the television images he raised the pertinent report, from which the URBA acted ex officio.

It is not the first time that the URBA has sanctioned a player ex officio based on the images provided by television, without having been expelled from the field. To cite a few examples, in 2016, Cipriano Martínez, a pillar of the Pucará Intermediate, was banned from playing for 29 years after kicking a rival from San Albano in the face. In 2006, Guillermo Mazzoni, Alumni’s third line, received a five-year ban for stepping on the head of a rival in a match with CUBA. In 2002 Gonzalo Amaya, a mainstay for Hindú, was suspended for three years for stepping on his foot in a match against Regatas.

Tomás Sánchez, from Los Matreros, holding Marsano’s foot: then he would bend it strongly

Other resounding cases, although not ex officio but after being sent off on the field of play, were those of Charles Grandsonthird line of Los Matreros, who in 2004 was suspended for 99 years for assaulting a referee, although the sanction was later reduced to seven; for a similar action, the Los Pinos player ariel krauss he was disbarred for 25 years in 2013.

In 2000, Martin Poderti, Hindú pillar, was sent off in a match against CASI for stepping on an opponent and received a five-year suspension. Thomas PassaroCUBA wing, was banned for three and a half years after kicking a Newman player in the head in 2018. The same year, Augustine MitrioneMariano Moreno’s pillar, received a one-year ban after applying a header to the face of a rival in a match against Universitario de La Plata.

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