Rusherking in La Peña de Morfi: China Suárez rushed Jey Mammon live with a message: “He is insulting me”

In a new issue of The Rock of Morfi (Telephone), rushing and mammon’s property they starred in a curious moment that involved Eugenia “la China” Suárezwho is in a relationship with the artist. Just before the singer began his live performance, the driver surprised him with a message from the former Almost angels. Since it is the birthday of his son Amancio, the famous hurried the interview so that her boyfriend would free himself earlier.

The couple of the singer from Santiago and the actress is one of the ones that generates the most impact in the world of entertainment. Since the rumors that they were together until the confirmation came, the popularity of the ragman grew exponentially.

In this context, he began to have much more time in the media and more frequent appearances in television cycles. In this case, Run revisited The Rock of Morfi and, faithful to the style of the program, in addition to talking about his life, he also sang with the host of the cycle.

However, just before the first notes of the Abel Pintos song that the artist and Jey performed together began to sound, there was a funny and curious moment that involved the China Suarez. After asking him about how he handled the exposure she received lately and about some of his customs, the driver told the interviewee that many years ago he was catechist of the actress.

The man from Santiago was not surprised by this, since Jey himself had told it on the air on another occasion, and recalled that during his childhood he had also attended catechism. However, when the artist was about to sing, was paralyzed with another comment.

The funny moment between Jey Mammón and Rusherking that involved China Suárez

“He is waiting for you and he told me: ‘Hurry up’”He launched Jey Mammon referring to the actress. “He’s fucking you”retort Run between laughs. According to what was revealed below, at the time of the interview the celebration for the two years of amancioone of the children that China had with Benjamin Vicuna.

“He’s bitching me because you’re late”added the actor while looking at the guest of the program. With a lot of humor, it was the singer who closed the brief exchange: “Now I’m going there”.

Although the celebration was today, the little boy’s birthday was on Thursday. In this regard, the child’s parents, China and Benjamin VicunaThey shared posts on Instagram to celebrate this special date and the love they have for their son. “Happy birth, love of this and all my lives”Eugenia wrote along with a series of images together.

Benjamín Vicuña dedicated some tender words to his son Amancio (Photo: Instagram @benjaminvicuna.ok)

For his part, the Chilean actor also left a heartfelt message: “I will fill you with kisses always, always. I’m going to accompany you a little step back, half a meter, to help you if you stumble. If the fall is small, I will let you fall and then get up; If the stumble is big, I will give you my hand in a distracted way so that only we know that I am there, always. Dawn of calm dawns. I will be your father and Sancho Panza. Thank you for so much love on this day, your day. happy birthday gentleman”.

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