Rusherking revealed how the fame that his courtship with China Suárez brought him affected his health: “I suffered from panic attacks”

This Sunday, Run He spoke with an open heart and told how his relationship with the China Suarez affected his health. The singer confessed that he had suffered from panic attacks and that the high exposure with his romance generated anxiety attacks in an intimate chat with Jey Mammon in The Rock of Morfi.

“I started first with anxiety attacks and then with panic attacks. I thought I was going to die.” The young man said that he was surprised when the driver of the Telefe cycle asked him about the subject. “I was sleeping at home, I was short of breath and I had to get up to be taken to the hospital. I thought I was dying, my heart was at a thousand, “he explained. “They checked me and I had nothing. It was all mental,” he added.

“In the beginning it was very strong. All the noise and chaos that arose was too strong for me, I had a bad time for a month and then I did have anxiety attacks. I had sleepless nights”, described Rusherking about this romance that generated a lot of repercussion. “Later I got over it and understood that it is part of everything. I dedicate myself to this, the exhibition is part of it, but I’m not used to it”, he continued. “I’m from Santiago del Estero, I got up to go to school, I came back, I took a nap, at night I made music and now everything exploded,” said the 22-year-old singer.

“Suddenly I’m in the rehearsal room, I go out and I have a camera with a guy putting the microphone in my face. Things like that that I am not used to at all and with which I have to live”, He concluded on the subject to later capture part of his repertoire in the musical cycle.

China Suarez and Rusherking

China Suarez and Rusherking They are living an intense romance and have made several escapades together. When they visited the city of Bariloche, the singer took the opportunity to record the video clip of his song “Olvídate” that he already presented through the platforms with great success. The actress accompanied him throughout the filming process and even made some cameos.

In his official Instagram account, the young artist took the opportunity to promote this new material and dedicated a message of thanks to those who helped him, including his current partner: “Thank you to my amazing team and especially to @tomiraimon and @sangrejaponesa for joining me on this journey, I love you so much. Thanks to the people of Bariloche who received us incredible”.

While in his stories, he published a romantic photograph hugging the ex of Benjamin Vicuna, with an imposing landscape in Bariloche. “My beautiful Chinita”, The ragpicker wrote to express all his affection and love for Suárez, who is also taking his first steps in music.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that the couple also made a trip to Disney, where they enjoyed a vacation with rufina, Magnolia Y amanciothe children of the actress. In their social networks, both shared different moments and postcards of the trip with their followers, in which they were seen to be very much in love and happy in the attractive amusement parks.


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