Rusherking revealed why he had a bad time during the first month of his courtship with China Suárez

Run told a few weeks ago that had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks when he moved from Santiago del Estero to Buenos Aires to dedicate himself to music. Those episodes had supposedly been left behind, but the artist acknowledged that the exposure that had his affair with the China Suarez made them come back for a short period of time.

“In the beginning it was very strong. All the noise and chaos that was put together was too loud for me. I had a bad time for a month and then I did have anxiety attacks. I had sleepless nights”, He acknowledged in dialogue with Jey Mammon in The Rock of Morfi (Telefe). And he added: “Then I got over it and understood that it is part of everything. I dedicate myself to this, the exhibition is part of it, but I’m not used to it”.

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At that point in the talk, he explained the impact of that sudden fame, unrelated to his profession: “I am from Santiago del Estero, I would get up to go to school, come back, take a siesta, at night I would music and now everything exploded”.

In addition, the interpreter of “Antes de Ti” gave as an example a specific situation that led him to feel suffocated by the press. “Suddenly I’m in the rehearsal room, I go out and I have a camera with a guy putting the microphone in my face. Things like that that I’m not used to at all and with which I have to live,” he added.

Rusherking told Jey Mammon that China Suárez was upset with him: “He screwed you”

Towards the end of the interview, mammon’s property brought out that Rusherking was in a bit of a hurry: he had to run to Amancio Vicuña Suárez’s birthday partythe son of China and Benjamín Vicuña. “I have to go. We send a kiss to Chinita. A giant kiss”, launched the singer.

The driver joined the greeting, but the singer stopped him and warned him that the actress was upset with him. “he screwed you”he told her between laughs. A little surprised, Mammon replied: “He’s bitching me because you’re late”.

Top left, Jey Mammon.  Bottom right, China Suárez.  (Photo: Capture)
Top left, Jey Mammon. Bottom right, China Suárez. (Photo: Capture)

However, it was all in jest. The entertainer has an excellent relationship with the ex Almost angels and they have a very special bond: he was her catechism teacher.

As a finishing touch to the interview. Rusher and Jey sang “Don’t forget me”, by Abel Pintos. “Now I’m going there”The musician told his girlfriend live so that she would be calm that he was going to arrive on time.

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