Selvas Natatorios celebrates 40 years betting on the national industry

Selvas Natatorios is turning 40 years old. They are specialists in the construction of swimming pools and a leading company in the market.


Selvas Natatorios is turning 40 years old. They are specialists in the construction of swimming pools and a leading company in the market.

In the context of the company’s 40th anniversary John Manuel Selvas talked with Scope on matters related to the field.

Journalist: What does it mean to celebrate 40 years at the head of a national company? With everything that the changing economic context of Argentina entails

It means great pride and satisfaction. It is a huge and constant challenge to always be advancing and innovating in order to continue providing a differential product and service that allows us to continue being the market leader. But, above all, it is necessary to have a sense of rapid adaptation, due to the changing economic context of our country. Relentless and rigorous attention must be paid to the behavior of the market and it is vital to always be prepared to adjust what needs to be adjusted quickly and efficiently, in order to continue to prosper despite often unfavorable context.

Juan Manuel Selvas: How has the market evolved in these 40 years? And where do you think you’re going?

The market evolved a lot, today the pools are not only a space for recreation and relaxation; they are one more member of a functional and aesthetic environment. A swimming pool not only offers you that recreational space, but also decorates the garden, beautifies the home and enhances the entire property itself. That is why the trends of the designs are also changing according to the evolution of the trends in the construction of houses, since the pools must have a similar and complementary design to them. That is why the pools we build are increasingly attractive and with exclusive details, such as liners, waterfalls or infinity edges. We believe that the market will continue to grow and advance more and more, taking into account the high relevance of having a pool in the house.

Q.: Why continue betting 40 years later on the national industry?

JMS: Because, although it is a complex country with a highly uncertain economy, we believe that the best way to contribute to our country is to continue betting on the national industry, also convinced that it is possible to prosper and progress with effort, dedication and professionalism.

Q.: Why do you choose them? What differentiates them from the competition?

JMS: Because we spare no effort or resources. We work with the best brands and with a construction system that lasts a lifetime. We always seek to ally ourselves with the leading companies in the field that assure us quality from the foundations. We constantly travel to learn about international trends and try to replicate them in the local market. Not only in design and technology, but also following the policies of caring for the environment and natural resources. We are a socially responsible company from our beginnings. That is why our clients choose us; because they know that Selvas Natatorios is security, seriousness, commitment, quality and guarantee.

P.: doWhat was it like going through the context of the pandemic? Has anything changed in the way you run as a company? Anything positive you can salvage?

JMS: The first months of the pandemic, added to the restrictions decreed by the quarantine, were very complicated because it was practically impossible to work in our field. However, as of August (2020) a significant increase in demand began to be seen, since many families decided to renovate their homes taking advantage of the low cost of construction in dollars. The same thing happened in the summer; The existence of the risk of going on vacation and getting infected caused many families to choose to use that money destined for travel, to build their pool and vacation at home. Something similar happened with many developers who rented their homes temporarily in the summer for families who wanted to get out of the city and vacation in a gated community; they began to invest in the construction of the pool and provide this differential recreational service. All this caused a much higher demand than usual, especially at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, which made it possible to go through the very complex stage of the pandemic.

As in all other areas, the use of technology became very relevant, and in our company we carried out a process of technological renewal in order to be at the forefront of the latest technological tools; We ensure a strong presence on all digital platforms and also renew our website, in order to provide the best possible online advice.

In our area in particular, although it was complicated at first, the exponential growth in demand that occurred later, added to the increased relevance of swimming pools in homes, was a very positive and profitable event for our company.

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