Henry County Police are Looking for a man like Bradley Cooper who was caught stealing by the cameras of a business in Georgia, United States, while committing a robbery.

Authorities shared a capture of the suspect in a post on Twitter and it was quickly inundated with hundreds of comments for the resemblance of the man to the actor of “What happened yesterday” . “You know times are tough when Bradley has to steal,” one user joked. “Bradley Cooper stealing? It’s far from shallow right now,” another joked. “Must be hard… keeping it that hard,” wrote a third.

Others joked that the suspect was that Cooper was working on the character for his next project. . “Bradley Cooper really put it on for this role,” wrote Mary Kethryn. Another joked that “Cooper pulled out a Wynona Ryder” in reference to the star’s run-in with the law in 2001 on mini-marquet robbery charges, according to a post. Sun.