Separated? Wanda Nara arrived in Argentina alone and full of bags

The media entrepreneur wanda nara generated a revolution in the main hall of the Ezeiza Airport this morning, after her arrival from Europe: she did not want to respond too much about an alleged crisis with her husband Mauro Icardi.

“You are intense” threw the journalist Show Partners that, repeatedly, he consulted him several times about a possible crisis with his partner, the PSG footballer.

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What Wanda Nara replied when asked about Mauro Icardi

With a battalion of suitcases in tow, Wanda responded very succinctly and without going into depth every time she was asked about her partner. “Are you okay with Mauro?” was the repeated question. “Yes all ok”, she just said. The businesswoman arrived alone, only with the accompaniment of her stylist, Kennys Palacios.

Wanda Nara, along with the large number of bags she brought from Europe. (Photo: Movilpress)

The large amount of luggage you brought is in relation with the large number of days that he estimates he will stay. Wanda is going to participate in a new musical reality show in phone.

But the absence of comments, photos and some indications of the last days in their social networks, feed the rumors that, at least, things are not so good with Icardi.

Wanda Nara should have arrived in Argentina at 7, but delayed his arrival due to the fog that was there. The plane was diverted to Montevideo and, therefore, later came to the country.

Wanda Nara greets the public upon her arrival in Argentina from Europe.  (Photo: Movilpress)
Wanda Nara greets the public upon her arrival in Argentina from Europe. (Photo: Movilpress)

The media, in addition, was also annoying when asked about the China Suarez. It is that in the new program that is going to participate, the masked singer, there is a possibility that the actress will participate that she had an affair with her husband.

“You know that anyone can appear under the mask”, the journalist told him. “I did not set any conditions, let’s see who they put me on,” said Wanda. “Because China released a record and it seems that it is summoned,” replied the chronicler. “Look how good. I’m glad for her”, returned the media with little desire to continue talking.

Once again there are rumors of a separation between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

In recent days, the businesswoman has repeatedly faced rumors of separation from Mauro Icardi. In principle, there were several hints that the media launched in which she would have anticipated that she is single.

“If you knew all the good things that come to you would you stop worrying right now”, reads one of the images that Wanda published on the networks, when she made a getaway with her sister to Milan. Also, in those posts, she chose the snapshot of a pigeon coming out of the cage: Many interpreted it as a release sign.

Wanda Nara and a post "release"according to his followers.  (Photo: instagram/wanda_nara)
Wanda Nara and a “liberation” post, according to her followers. (Photo: instagram/wanda_nara)

Although neither she nor the soccer player spoke about it, those who are aware of each movement of the couple do not doubt that something is happening. However, Ana Rosenfeld -who visited Wanda in Ibiza- said the opposite. “They are not separate. Not at all”, he confided to the journalist Laura Ubfal

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The explosion of comments occurred when, in Ibiza, had a crazy night in which a man kissed her cleavage, which generated a revolution in the networks.

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