She is the daughter of a famous vedette, she participated in Canta Conmigo Now and received praise from Cristian Castro and Puma Rodríguez

Ornella Laferraro, daughter of the vedette Cielito ONeill, participated in Canta Conmigo Ahora

Tuesday of high demand in the second broadcast of sing with me nowthe program that drives Marcelo Tinelli in The thirteen. Eight participants sought a place on the podium that would allow them to become one of the 24 finalists. They did not have it easy with the rod that had been left at the premiere and that is how the contestants went by, each one with their different life stories but with the same artistic vocation and the specific objective of putting the hundred jurors to their feet.

With those illusions he arrived on stage Ornella Ferraroa 30-year-old woman who introduced herself as a streamer and who brought a story linked to the world of entertainment. “I come from a family of artists, my mother, Cielito ONeill, was a well-known vedette and singer in her time.”, he revealed, who inherited his name from the diva of Italian cinema Ornella Muti.

“I love music, I have a lot of personality when I sing and I come here to enjoy this great moment that we are going to live”, he enthused in the preview. Wearing a sparkly sequined dress, she confidently burst onto the stage, microphone in hand, addressing the audience in the studio and at home: “I am going to dedicate this song to my two loves of my life who are in heaven. , God and my dad. I would love for you to sing it with me and also dedicate it to your masterr”, she pointed out moved.

Ornella closed her eyes in search of concentration and waited for the foot to cover “The Power of Love”, by Nathy Peluso as the jury panel began to rise in approval. At the end of her performance, she met the driver Marcelo Tinelli, who congratulated her on her performance and took the opportunity to greet her family. “My brother Lucas’s dream was to see me on television and next to Marcelo Tinelli”, he said, while his mother and brother applauded in the audience.

There were 78 jurors who stood up endorsing his proposal, a good harvest although he was nine units short of meeting the objective. However, he took as a souvenir the returns of two figures of the Latin song. “I like the personality, your timbre is very special, it is perfect for the ballad. There are some flowers that you should have done and you didn’t, but you’re going to get better for what’s coming,” he said. Cristian castro. “Years ago I stopped seeing forms and now I see spirit and soul. And when a person sings with his soul, he really sings, with feeling”, added Puma Rodríguez. “It is a dream come true to be here”, the participant said goodbye.

The beauty of Cielito O’Neill (Photos: The Atlantic)

Known by the stage name of Cielito O’Neill, Eva Olguin She was one of the stars of the golden age of Buenos Aires magazine. With participations both in Corrientes street and in the seasons of Mar del Plata, his name shocked public opinion when she was brutally assaulted by her partner at the time, the popular comedian Alberto Locati.

The incident occurred in the early hours of February 19, 1980, when the actor beat and hanged the woman until he pushed her out the window of the Hotel Odeón, in Mar del Plata. O’Neill fell backwards from a height of more than three meters. “The table that held his bags cushioned the blow. Broken ribs, blows to the spine and arms. Miraculously he saved her life, ”reconstructed the journalist Juan Carra in the Mar del Plata newspaper El Atlántico.

The couple had met two years earlier in the same seaside resort, got married, and went to Las Vegas to try their luck. It was Eva who, with a particular magnetism, shone on different stages while Locati had only a secondary role. “In the hospital, injured by the blows and the impact of the fall, Eva will tell the press that Alberto was professionally jealous of her. That he no longer worked and that in the United States she had to support him. Even in her contracts she added a clause that forced employers to carry out a double contract. If Eva acted, Alberto should also act. But that would be of no use. Locati was not liked by the American public and he hardly worked. That’s why he started asking Eva to drop the boards. That if he didn’t act, she should leave everything and return to Argentina together. But those were not the plans of the statuesque blonde”, detailed El Atlántico.


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