She was on vacation with her boyfriend, she discovered an infidelity and her reaction surprised everyone: “I couldn’t stand it”

A family trip to the province of Chubut, which at first seemed like a dream, turned into a horror for a young woman who In the middle of the walk she realized that her boyfriend was unfaithful to her. Tatiana Cubathe protagonist of a viral story and He made his download on social networks.

Through a video he shared on his Tik Tok account, clarified that everything happened in 2021, precisely on an excursion during his summer vacation. “I was in the south with my boyfriend and his family, when I got a message from his supposed best friend,” she explained wryly. “We weren’t anywhere. was about to get on a boat to meet the dolphins. His uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, everyone were there,” he added, referring to those who accompanied them on the tour.

The young woman told how the moment was when she found out that her boyfriend was unfaithful

Tatiana explained that, three days before traveling, The young woman involved was contacted to clear up any doubts about their relationship. As he said, he asked her if she had an affair with her now ex-partner. However, she took time to answer him and -untimely- she did it in the least expected place. “He waited for the right moment. She and he were no longer friends by then, and I thought ‘if something happened, he’s going to tell me’. It occurred to me to talk to him on vacation, but I was very insecure, I couldn’t stand the desire and it was a very strong feeling, “he continued.

After his consultation, the woman told him that she had indeed had a affair with the young man. Once she checked it out, she asked his ex-boyfriend for explanations. All this situation was captured in the publication, where The young woman attached the images of the exact moment. In one postcard, she was seen in the middle of an argument with him, and in the second, with tears in her eyes. “She replied to my message and said ‘hello beautiful, you are very good, you do not deserve this, I feel sorry’. He told me that I was right and told me everything that happened. There are things that I deduced and he admitted it to me. I was suspicious, but not to that level,” she assured.

As for the biggest suspicion he had, he said that on one occasion he viewed various videos from the ex-boyfriend’s cell phone, whom he saw very close to the other woman: “He always told me that they got together to have a snack and drink mates. But, on film, he would try to kiss her on the cheek and do other things very confidently, like she was her girlfriend. I suspected something, but I never imagined what I ended up finding out”. On the other hand, he said that he had previously consulted him if he had been unfaithful to him due to another episode he experienced: “My younger sister once saw a message from her on his cell phone, but when I spoke to the girl at the time he told me ‘He’s my little brother, don’t worry’”.

In a second shortenexplained that, with the young woman, maintained a link through social networks. He then showed the complete conversation he had with her: he told her, in great detail, some anecdotes and told him that they had kissed in 2019.

The conversations that your partner had with another girl

In another post, he said that, although he was angry with her, he is grateful that he told him everything. “Before speaking to him, she had asked him if she was unfaithful. I told him it was his last chance to tell me the truth. After I saw those videos that I related, I started to make up my mind and thought ‘nothing was as he told me’. I never would have imagined that she would admit it to me a lot of time later. When I showed her the capture of the conversation, she dropped her face, she almost jumped into the sea with the dolphins ”express.

Finally, and regarding how the trip continued after this difficult news and the response he received from the young man, he assured: “He told me that his family asked him not to have fights and that everything was already paid. He tried to fix things, he brought me breakfast. To make matters worse, this happened at the beginning of the trip, which lasted a month. Afterwards I masked everything, walked with all of them”. Finally, the relationship he had for more than two years, had its end and to this day has no contact with him.

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