Silvia D’Auro’s alleged boyfriend broke the silence: “He brought me a lot of problems”

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In 2011, Jorge Rial Y Silvina D’Auro They separated after 20 years of marriage and with two daughters in common: Brunette Y Dew. Shortly after this story had ended, another began, which 11 years later continues to generate repercussions. It so happens that at that time D’Auro was romantically linked with Sergio Smith.

It all started after a photo was leaked in which they were seen embracing. That detail was the seasoning for talking about a romance that the alleged protagonists never spoke about, until now, that the man in question decided to break the silence and tell details that marked him and from which he cannot be detached.

“I don’t remember the date well, but it’s been a long time since I shared a party with her,” he began when asked by Juan Etchegoyen by miter liveAnd followed: “That night was Silvia D’Auro along with other famous women, we had fun and we metA person in common introduced us and she was separated from Rial”.

“At that moment I remember that it was not long before the Noticias Magazine took out a cover where it talked about money briefcases, every year they reissue the same photos and I’m still dating a person I’ve never been datingIt must have been the longest courtship of my life and I had a bad time, “added Herrero.

Far from stopping there, he continued with his story, with everything he experienced: “What happens is that in so many years it can be a game for someone who is behind looking for a benefit from something or to harm someone, those who do not belong to the media tell you that you are dating this personthere was never a journalist like you who called me to talk about this and check.

“It has brought me many problems and explanations and laughter with my friends because every year something comes out again on this subject. There was nothing to find him, surely, I must have been part of an operation, I have nothing to do with it”He stated about what seems to have been a real hell for him.

“I had to explain when I didn’t have to explain anythingthere is no doubt that the media operation was strong, it can do us harm, I suffered damage several times and was very much in love with a person from whom I had to be distanced because of this until he understood everything. At that moment I suffered How do you explain to your partner that you have nothing to do with it? We danced and nothing else, the fraud was there”finished.

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