Silvia Peyrou spoke for the first time about her diagnosis of breast cancer

Silvia Peyru

Silvia Peyru He spoke for the first time about the diagnosis and treatment of his illness. The actress, she provided the details in a radio interview with Daniel Gómez Rinaldi, Nico Peralta and Romina Carballo in the cycle Behind the scenes (AM 540). “My old lady died two months ago for the same thing”declared about her breast cancer.

“Today I’m fine and that’s why I just dared to tell it for the first time. I had just finished a season with Germán Kraus at Las Grutas, I had general check-ups and breast cancer appeared. I had surgery in the middle of the pandemic and it was all very guarded because I did not want it to be known, ”said the former vedette about her current state of health.

Regarding her chemotherapy treatment, Silvia Peyrou confessed: “My hair fell out and Diego Impagliazzo made me a wig exactly like my hair, very red. Nobody noticed and my attitude of working all the time helped me”. The journalists inquired about how the diagnosis of breast cancer was known and the actress acknowledged that it was thanks to the general check-ups.

“I did my studies in Buenos Aires towards the end of the year and I went to Las Grutas to start the 2020 season. In January the results were available and my doctor called me there but told me that I had to have a biopsy. I fell into the world below because I was without my family, “ revealed Peyrou.

Years ago, Patricia Dal, Pata Villanueva, Noemí Alan, Silvia Peyrou, Mimí Pons, José María Muscari, Beatriz Salomón, Sandra Smith and Adriana Aguirre celebrated the re-release of "Extinguished" at the Palacio La Argentina Theater
Years ago, Patricia Dal, Pata Villanueva, Noemí Alan, Silvia Peyrou, Mimí Pons, José María Muscari, Beatriz Salomón, Sandra Smith and Adriana Aguirre celebrated the revival of “Extinct” at the Teatro Palacio La Argentina

The actress, who just turned 61 on August 22, also told how she personally went through the treatment, her attendance at therapy with professionals, and also highlighted the importance of family support. “It was a flash, I cried, I downloaded and of course I did traditional therapy, in addition to many other alternative therapies to be able to be well. Thank God that my son was by my side and is an angel who supports me. Santino is the name of Silvia Peyrou’s son, who is 27 years old today.

Peyrou’s mother also suffered from this disease at the same time. Unfortunately, my mother, Mabel, also left two months ago due to the same situation. She said: ´Why Silvia and not me?´ and the paradoxes of her life caused her to also get sick with breast cancer. She had the same cancer as me, but she was in her left breast.It got very complicated for her and we were together going through each one’s struggle. My old lady became very attached to me and even rehearsed the play I’m doing now with me,” she recalled excitedly.

In the middle of her story, Silvia talked about her return to the theater. “I received the proposal to do How to avoid falling in love with a jerk and I couldn’t say no. The play is by Marcelo Puglia and is given in several countries adapted to the local version. Producer Claudio Cabré called me, with whom he had already worked on forced coexistence at the Regina and I loved doing theater again. I come from a very complicated year due to a health issue and I needed to reconnect with the actress and the joy.


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