Silvina Luna spoke about her health after her last hospitalization: “I want to heal and be well”

Silvina Luna was at LAM talking about her health (Video: America)

just a month ago, Silvina Moon she had to be hospitalized once again in the Italian Hospital. For eight years now, the model has been fighting against health problems derived from the buttocks intervention to which she underwent with the doctor Hannibal Lotoki. And, although this time her hospitalization had to do with an infection caused by bacteria, the reality is that in her case everything is aggravated due to the chronic complications that remained in her attempt to achieve an ideal of beauty. .

Thus the things, invited to the JUSTICEto former participants of The Hotel of the Famous He spoke of the joint demand that he made to the questioned doctor together with Stefy Xipolitakis, Pamela Sosa and Gabriela Trenchi. And he celebrated that, after a long trial, Lotoki was sentenced to four years in prison for “serious injuries.” However, he complained that, to this day, the doctor continued to perform surgeries. “There is a law that seeks to disable licenses as soon as the first evidence of a complaint is found, because in this case he continued to operate and there was a death involved,” he said, referring to the case of Christian Adolfo Zarate.

In relation to the reasons that prompted her to resort to an aesthetic intervention, Silvina explained: “I had a lot of pressure. And very few tools also at the time…We did revue theater and the hegemonic body was everything. Big boobs and ass were used up here. And I got carried away by that, by looking for security abroad and wanting to comply with that stereotype. That led me to that operation.”

Luna said that, at that time, she had gained a few kilos on a trip. And she related her situation to that of wanda narathat after being criticized for her unretouched bikini photos, she made a strong release. “I find it terrible and I bank it to death,” she said. She then compared it to what she had experienced as a young woman. “Psychologically all this affects you if you don’t have a tool, you work internally and you are sure of yourself.. More being a girl, all that affects you. Only after what happened to me was I able to begin a journey and learn a lot of things”.

Silvina Luna must undergo periodic control hospitalizations (Instagram)

Regarding her current health condition, Silvina explained: “It is a chronic problem. It is like a chain that ends up affecting the kidneys. But the reality is that my body reacts all the time against what I have on and then my calcium goes up. So I take a pill to control it, but every once in a while it gets unbalanced. And my hospitalizations have to do with leveling”.

The model acknowledged that in the reality show hosted by Carolina pampita ardohean Y the Chinese bows He pushed himself too hard and his body suffered. But he clarified: “This last hospitalization was due to the fact that I had a bacterium. And, having the lowest defenses, I had a hard time finding the exact medicine to control it. But it’s over now.”

Is there any possibility of reversing your situation? “The issue is that I treat the symptom, but I cannot treat the cause. And it’s like you never know where it’s going to shoot. Not when it will get worse or not. But, thank God, I am very well treated by a group of doctors who are always investigating. Because my case is quite particular. And now I’m talking to some surgeons to see if the material can be removed. I don’t know if it’s all or a part, but it’s like a light of hope”, he counted.

And he concluded: “All this moved me a lot because it means submitting and exposing myself again. But I want to heal, I want to be well. I am a young person who always goes forward. And I will fight to have a quality life.”


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