Sing With Me Now: Elías, the man from San Juan who moved Cristian Castro

Thursday, August 4, 2022


this wednesday in sing with me nowthe big show with which The thirteen battles in prime time, hosted by Marcelo Tinelli, a man from San Juan He introduced himself and made the jury vibrate with his interpretation.

Is about Elijah Jacamowho came to the big stage with his own version of “blues“of own Cristian castro that is in the jury and that ended up moving the great artist. The young man said that he is 22 years old and always liked to imitate the characters and songs of the Cris Morena series.

“I seek to show the 100 jurors who I am and where I come from, and make them move,” he said at the time of his presentation. When he came out on stage, some of the judges wondered if maybe he was going to sing tango because of the elegance of his costume, but finally Elías surprised them. “I hope tonight they get excited and sing a classic with me,” he launched.

The music started and everyone recognized Azul’s unmistakable melody, including Cristian Castro who cried out with joy and emotion. In the presentation, Elías unfolded with ease on stage and showed not only to sing well but also that he has an enviable staging.

“You did very beautiful, very beautiful. I thank you very much for your spirit, how beautiful… It is a truly complicated song, it takes a lot of lungs and a good physical condition. The truth is that it is very difficult for me to sing these songs that I have recorded because they are complicated,” Castro launched with notable emotion.

He added: “You did great, I really liked your spirit. I’m very excited because it’s my song.” Before the applause of his companions, Marcelo gave the floor to his daughter Cande, who assured that at that moment she did not stop and did not give her point to the man from San Juan, since she listened more to Cristian than to him .

“He sings beautifully, he’s super young and the song is very difficult, that’s the theme. The level that we have today is tremendous and I lacked a little bit to stop, especially in the bass,” said Coti.

Before knowing the final result, Marcelo asked Elías and Cristian to sing an acapella song and both accepted without hesitation. The man from San Juan proposed “Back to Love” and Cristian was immediately on.

Finally, Tinelli gave the order and it became known that only 68 of the 100 jurors gave their points to Elías, leaving him outside the podium where he had to reach a minimum of 81 points to enter.

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