Sing with me now: the face of Puma Rodríguez when listening to a participant who went viral

Sing with me now the brand new contest commanded by Marcelo Tinelli on the screen of eltrece, had its debut on Monday night. After an atypical presentation of the driver, very far from the monologues he performed in ShowMatch and closer to the format of the original program, All together now the jurors of the cycle were announced, among them, José Luis “el Puma” Rodríguez, one of the international figures summoned, together with Cristian Castro.

On Twitter, the debut of the singing contest did not go unnoticed, and that is why a gesture by the artist was captured by users. As contestant Rudy Morales sang “Proud Mary,” el Puma looked somewhat downcast, with his head slightly tilted to his left. In fact, he did not comment on the young man’s presentation.

Morales moved other members of the jury when he told his story. The young man who works as a cashier in a grocery store said that the chosen theme accompanied him in several difficult stages of his life, including a violent relationship. The participant garnered 82 points, his show was one of the most celebrated of the night, and Manuel Wirtz emphasized the courage he had in sharing a hard story. Despite his excellent performance, his score was not enough for him to move on to the next program.

Later, when the quartet Las musas performed, el Puma immediately showed his approval. “We come to represent all the women of the country and of Latin America”, expressed the members of the “lyrical-pop quartet from Tucumán”. After a lyrical intro, they performed “I just want rock and roll”, by La Torre, the group led by Patricia Sosa and Rodríguez praised their performance.

The viewers of the program, attentive to every little detail of Sing with me now they viralized the face of the Puma and they compared it with that of Palito Ortega, who currently officiates as Ricardo Montaner’s guest coach in The Argentine Voice of Telefe.

The driver entered the imposing studio with his youngest son, Lorenzo, and with “Juntos” by Abel Pintos as the opening song, which unfailingly reminded ShowMatch. In that sense, his signature greeting was not lacking: “Good evening, America.”

“The most anticipated day has arrived, we are in a new year on TV, with a new format and with a new challenge on TV for all of us who love to do television”, Tinelli expressed at the beginning of the cycle. Later, he thanked the production for how the structure of the show was put together in which 1000 participants will be presented before 100 juries. “Thanks to Adrián Suar, Pablo Codevila and Coco Fernández, I love starting like this,” added Tinelli, who for the first time did not do his classic and extensive opening monologue.

Likewise, decided not to refer to the situation in the country as he has done in ShowMatch but, after the acknowledgments, he prepared to present to the jurors.

The first to be presented was her daughter, Candelaria “Lele” Tinelli, who works as a jury in pairs with his partner, the musician Coti Sorokin. Then, he introduced the Puma, Castro, already other figures that will evaluate the interpreters, such as the revelation of celebrity hotel, Lucas “Locho” Loccisano; Gladys “la Bomba” from Tucumán; el Bahiano, El Tirri and Manuel Wirtz.

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